Change in leadership! Scott Morrison appointed as the New Prime Minister of Australia. Immigrants seek leniency in Immigration rules

On 24th August 2018, Scott Morrison took an oath as the 30th Prime Minister of Australia. He has become the 6th prime minister of Australia in the last 11 years by replacing his own associate and Former Prime Minister Mr. Malcolm Turnbull. Mr. Scott Morrison put an end to all the conjecture and inquisitiveness which was creating chaos and fidgety to the Conservative Government prior to May 2019 elections. He won a party-room voting by 45-50. Foreign Minister Julie Bishop, Mr. Dutton- the former home affairs Minister were also in this race but eventually, the former Treasurer of Australia, Mr. Morrison, won the battle.

Effect of New leadership in Immigration Policy

As per the reports of the Federation of Ethnic Communities Councils of Australia, there would be no prejudicial and tendentious changes in immigration policy under the Governance of Mr. Morrison.  With the new ruling party, the Australian Immigration applicants have hope that there would be some forbearance in Immigration rules and policies in visa categories.

The changes made in the last few years under the Former Prime Minister Mr. Malcolm Turnbull rule by Peter Dutton- the former Home Affairs Minister of Australia were strict. These changes were not appreciated by the Australia Immigration aspirants. Now, with the new leadership, many aspirants are hoping for best Immigration policies and rules.

Notwithstanding it will be too ahead to see the viewpoint of Scott Morrison. Since the Australia elections are forthcoming, everybody will be longing to know what measures will be taken by the new leadership on the immigration policy.

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