Alberta Rural Immigration Program to invite 40,000 new Immigrants

The Alberta Government has already started working on its Alberta Rural Immigration program. The agenda to introduce this program is to invite around 40,000 newcomers in the rural communities of Alberta by the year 2024. The target and design of this program were initiated by the new premier in the recent election campaign and consultations on the program will start at the end of this year only.

Know more about Alberta Rural Immigration Program

Jason Kenney who is the premier of Alberta province promised to start two programs for enhancement of the province- Rural Renewal program and the Rural Entrepreneur Immigration program, once he is elected. He also served as Canada’s Immigration Minister from 2008 to 2013. He mentioned that he would revitalize smaller communities of the province with the power of Immigration. Presently, the work is done on the designing of the program and discovering new options.  The agenda of the new program is to invite International Skilled workers and entrepreneurs to rural communities of the province.

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Pathways to the Alberta Rural Immigration Program

This program consists of two categories:

a)      Rural Renewal program

b)      Rural Entrepreneur Immigration Program

Both the programs will help in inviting 40,000 skilled workers to the rural communities mentioned in the UCP (United Conservative Party) first span of four years. Out of a whole target, around 32,000 are likely to be invited through the Rural Renewal Program and 8,000 through the Rural Entrepreneur Immigration Program.

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a)      Rural Renewal Program

This program is inspired by Manitoba’s Mordern’s Community Initiative Program.  The Rural Renewal program will be connected with the Federal Express Entry System, which is a source for skilled workers to come in the Canadian land, said by Jason Kenney during the election campaign.

b)      Rural Entrepreneur Immigration Program

This program has an objective to invite 500 experienced entrepreneurs and their families every year, as said by Jason, during the election Company. Successful candidates will be able to live in the province on a two-year temporary work permit and later on, be eligible for a provincial nomination for Canada permanent residency provided has to meet certain key parameters.

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