Additions of 59 occupations in ROL for the Skilled Regional Subclass 489 Visa

Australia’s Department of Employment (DoE) and Department of Home affairs has included 59 occupations in Regional occupation list (ROL) for Skilled Regional (Provisional) Visa (Subclass 489). With all the attention towards employer program, this exiting news has drawn the attention of everyone.

The renovate Regional occupation list (ROL) is shown as below :

1.Aeroplane pilot231111
2.Community arts worker272611
3.Conservation officer234311
4.Agricultural technician311111
5.Construction estimator312114
6.Amusement centre manager149111
7.Clinical coder599915
8.Caravan park and camping ground manager141211
9.Environmental health officer251311
10.Exercise physiologist234915
11.Cinema and theatre manger149912
12.Financial institution branch manager149914
13Fitness centre manager149112
14.Flying instructor231113
15.Floor finisher332111
16.Dental hygienist411211
17.Dental therapist411214
18.Driving instructor451211
19.Flight attendant451711
20.Funeral worker451399
21.First aid trainer451815
22.Emergency service worker441211
23.Electrical linesworker342211
24.Building and engineering technicians (NEC)312999
25.Gas or petroleum operator399212
26.Intellectual property lawyer271214
27.Pathology collector311216
28.Mechanical engineering draftsperson312511
29.Ship’s master231213
30.Vehicle painter324311
32.Nursery person362411
33.Maintenance planner312911
34. Human resource adviser223111
35.Helicopter pilot231114
36.Horse breeder121316
37.Liaison analyst224912
38.Operating theatre technician311214
39.Medical administrator134211
40.Market research analyst225112
41.Multimedia designer232413
42.Post office manager142115
43.Policy and planning manager132411
44.Procurement manager133612
45.Public relation manager131114
46.Project builder133112
47.Property manager612112
48.Policy analyst224412
50.Real estate representative612115
51.Regional education manager134412
52.Sports administrator139915
53.Sports centre manager149113
54.Workplace relation adviser223113
55.Vocational education teacher242211
56.Safety inspector312611
57.Surveying and spatial science technician312116
59.Wine maker234213

The cherry on the cake is that the below-given occupations which were removed from all the Australia occupation lists are also added in the Regional occupation list of Regional Provisional Visa (Subclass 489):

  1. Human Resource Advisor
  2. Policy Analyst
  3. Procurement Manager
  4. Vocational Education Teacher
  5. Dental Hygienist
  6. Dental Technician
  7. Translator
  8. Financial Institution Branch Manager
  9. Multimedia Designer
  10. Safety Inspector
  11. Pathology Collector

It is good news for all the Human Resource advisors who were completely void from the gateways to migration to Australia. With the introduction of Policy analyst profile, the areas of Academic, research and policy will be highly benefited.

Skilled Regional (Provisional) Visa (Subclass 489) is a temporary-residence program that allows an individual to live in Australia for the period of four years. It is a gateway to permanent residency Skilled Regional Visa (Subclass 887). For being eligible to apply for Australian permanent residency, candidates need to live for at least two years and have one year work experience in the regional areas of Australia.

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