Quebec skilled worker Program (QSWP)

The Quebec Skilled Worker Program QSWP is the official immigration program for Quebec Immigration to be able to qualify for Canada Immigration under this program the candidate needs to fulfill the eligibility criteria of the Quebec Immigration Points Calculator 2018 and the Quebec Occupations List 2018. After which the Candidate can apply for a Quebec Provincial Nominee Certificate. Once the candidate has obtained the Quebec Provincial Nomination, the process for obtaining a Canada Permanent Residency (PR Visa) speeds up.

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UPDATE : A new QSWP – Quebec Skilled Worker Program 2018 intake period (maximum 5,000 applications) should be announced shortly.

From January 2018, to apply for Canada immigration under the Quebec Skilled Worker Program 2018 (QSWP), applicants must use the Mon projet Québec.

What do you need to be eligible for Quebec skilled worker program (QSWP)?

To check the eligibility criteria of an individual the government of Quebec has derived a points system which scores the candidates based on 9 selection points. The candidates scoring the required number of points will be eligible to apply for the Quebec Selection Certificate. These points determine how much will an individual be able to contribute to the economy and society of Quebec.

Check the factors determining the eligibility from the table below:

In order to qualify, the applicant must score required points under the Quebec Immigration Points calculator 2018 selection system.

  1. At least 50 points – for single (unmarried) applicant.
  2. At least 59 points – for applicants with a spouse or common-law partner.

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The candidates are scored on the respective categories under the Quebec Skilled Worker Program 2018: 

  1. Training: A maximum of 26 points can be scored under this factor. To avail, these points candidates need to have a secondary school general diploma. Also, the level of education should be acquired 5 years before applying for the QSWP. Else, the immigrant must have work experience directly in the field related to their degree or diploma for at least 12 months also acquired five years before submitting their application. This category is further divided into two categories.
  2. Education– 14 points. To calculate your points in this category. Click Here
  3. Areas of Training– 12 points. To calculate your points in this category. Click Here
  4. Work Experience: A maximum of 8 points can be availed under this category. The candidate must have acquired the work experience 5 years in advance of submitting the QSWP application. Both paid and unpaid job experience is considered under this category, except the the unpaid jobs or internships will only be considered if they have been undertaken under a training or educational program. To calculate your points in this category. Click Here
  5. Age: A maximum of 16 points can be availed under this category. This is an essential aspect as the state of Quebec welcomes young potential candidates to have flourishing careers in the state. To calculate your points in this category. Click Here
  6. Language proficiency: Can award up-to 22 points. Quebec awards the points based on language proficiency. Points are awarded on proficiency based on the following:
  7. French: 16 points
  8. English: 6 points

To Calculate points under this category. Click Here

   7. Characteristics of Spouse: This category awards a maximum of 17 points. Which are       further divided into 4 other categories:

  1. Spouse’s Education: 4 points
  2. Spouse’s Area of Training: maximum 4 points.
  3. Spouse’s Age: maximum 3 points.
  4. Spouse’s French Language Proficiency: maximum 6 points.

To learn more about this. Click Here

    8. Validated Job Offer: A maximum of 10 points are awarded under this category. This category assess the candidates selection based on the valid employment offers in the state. To calculate your score for the same. Click Here

   9. Accompanying Children: A maximum of 8 points can be availed under this category. This factor throws light on the number of children that will be accompanying the candidate. To calculate the number of points under this. Click Here

   10. Financial Self-sufficiency: The maximum number of points that can be availed under this category is: 1 point. This category defines the financial stability of the candidate and helps in assessing if the candidate has the minimum required funds for immigration and processes after immigration. To learn more about the same. Click Here

To calculate your total score for eligibility under the Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP).

CLICK HERE for Quebec Skilled Worker Program Points Calculator 2018

CLICK HERE for Quebec Immigration High Demand Occupation List 2018

Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP) 2018 Requirements: Time & Fees.

Time: The Quebec Skilled Progam 2018 process timings can vary depending on one immigration office to another. QSWP Processing Time (federal stage only) takes up to 13 months.

Below is the processing fees for Quebec Skilled Worker Program.

Candidates must note that all the documents which are needed for visa application in Quebec must be certified copies. Grab more information on Authorities which are responsible for certifying Documents, Click here.

In order to score points for language proficiency Results of Language examinations must be submitted with the Immigration application:

  1. Know more about authorized French tests – Proving French Language Ability.
  2. Know more about authorized English tests – Proving English Language Ability – International English Language Testing System (IELTS).

After this, each candidate must also go for medical and security checks which are mandatory and processed by the Canadian government for entering the Canadian permanent resident visa program.

Quebec applicants are not selected based on the Federal Skilled Worker criteria. Skilled Candidates are supposed to clear Quebec Immigration selection criteria to be eligible for the Canadian PR Visa.

The Quebec Skilled Worker 2018- QSWP Processing Time:
Quebec Skilled Worker process timings can vary from one Canadian Immigration Office to another.

The Quebec Skilled Worker 2018- QSWP Processing Fee:
Quebec Skilled Worker Program Process fees are as following:

The processing time for Quebec Skilled Worker is 13 months for federal stage.

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