Quebec Occupation List

The Quebec Immigration Occupation List or Quebec in-demand occupation list consists of a list of all the occupations which are in demand in Quebec province. Quebec PNP occupation list is very helpful for a candidate to know whether their job profile is in demand or not. Apart from that, they can also check the required points as per the Quebec Immigration Points Calculator for Canada immigration and judge their eligibility for the jobs listed under Quebec Skilled Worker List.

Due to their highly developed and industrialized economy, Canada’s manufacturing sector is known for the production of a wide range of products for export. Some of these products are subway trains, software, air purifiers, compact disks, toys and so on.

To tackle the high unemployment issue due to the current recession, the Quebec province is adding more jobs and targeting those companies with highly skilled labour. Therefore, the Immigration Authorities have released the Quebec skilled worker list under Quebec Skilled Worker Program for overseas skilled aspirants willing for Permanent Residency in Canada. The Quebec Occupation List 2018 makes public job vacancies which are currently available and needs foreign skilled workers to positively and effectively contribute to the Quebec’s Economic Development.

Quebec PNP Occupation List makes a plan to select those candidates who have the required potential for the economic settlement.

Find The Quebec PNP Occupation List 2018 Given Below:

  1. Human Resources Managers (0112)
  2. Banking, credit and other investment managers (0122)
  3. Engineering Managers (0211)
  4. Computer and Information Systems Managers (0213)
  5. Administrators – Post-secondary Education and Vocational Training (0421)
  6. Sales, Marketing and Advertising Managers (0611)
  7. Manufacturing Managers (0911)
  8. Financial Auditors and Accountants (1111)
  9. Financial and Investment Analysts (1112)
  10. Securities agents, investment dealers and brokers (1113)
  11. Other financial officers (1114)
  12. Human Resources professionals (1121)
  13. Professional Occupations in Business Management Consulting (1122)
  14. Human Resources and Recruitment officers (1223)
  15. Assessors, Valuators and Appraisers (1314)
  16. Physicists and Astronomers (2111)
  17. Geoscientists and Oceanographers (2113)
  18. Biologists and Related Scientists (2121)
  19. Civil Engineer (2131)
  20. Mechanical Engineers (2132)
  21. Electrical and Electronics Engineers (2133)
  22. Industrial and Manufacturing Engineers (2141)
  23. Aerospace Engineers (2146)
  24. Computer Engineers (Except Software Engineers and Designers) (2147)
  25. Other Professional Engineers, n.e.c (2148)
  26. Information Systems Analysts and Consultants (2171)
  27. Database Analysts and Data Administrators (2172)
  28. Software Engineers and Designers (2173)
  29. Computer Programmers and Interactive Media Developers (2174)
  30. Web Designers and Developers (2175)
  31. Tecnólogos y técnicosquímicos (2211)
  32. Biological Technologists and Technicians (2221)
  33. Agricultural and Fish Products Inspectors (2222)
  34. Civil Engineering Technologists and Technicians (2231)
  35. Mechanical Engineering Technologists and Technicians (2232)
  36. Industrial Engineering and Manufacturing Technologists and Technicians (2233)
  37. Construction Estimators (2234)
  38. Architectural Technologists and Technicians (2251)
  39. Industrial Designers (2252)
  40. Drafting Technologists and Technicians (2253)
  41. Inspctors in Public and Environmental Health and Occupational health & Safety (2263)
  42. Construction Inspectors (2264)
  43. Computer Network Technicians (2281)
  44. User Support Technicians (2282)
  45. Systems Testing Technicians (2283)
  46. Head Nurses and Supervisors (3151)
  47. Registered Nurses (3152)
  48. Medical Radiation Technologists (3215)
  49. Medical Sonographers (3216)
  50. Opticians (3151)
  51. Licensed Practical Nurses (3233)
  52. Other technical occupations in therapy and assessment (3237)
  53. College and Other Vocational Instructors (4131)
  54. Psychologists (4151)
  55. Business Development Officers and Marketing Researchers and Consultants (4163)
  56. Social Policy Researchers, Consultants and Program Officers (4164)
  57. Other Professional Occupations in Social Science, n.e.c. (4169)
  58. Community and Social Service Workers (4212)
  59. Librarians (5111)
  60. Archivists (5113)
  61. Translators, Terminologists and Interpreters (5125)
  62. Library and Public Archive Technicians (5211)
  63. Graphic Arts Technicians (5223)
  64. Graphic Designers and Illustrators (5241)
  65. Technical Sales Specialists – Wholesale Trade (6221)
  66. Sales Representatives – Wholesale Trade (Non-Technical) (6411)
  67. Machinists and Machining and Tooling Inspectors (7231)
  68. Tool and Die Makers (7232)
  69. Heavy-duty Equipment Mechanics (7312)
  70. Machine Fitters (7316)
  71. Aircraft Mechanics and Aircraft Inspectors (7315)
  72. Supervisors, food, beverage and associated products processing (9213)
  73. Supervisors, Plastic and Rubber Products Manufacturing (9214)
  74. Supervisors, Motor Vehicle Assembling (9221)
  75. Supervisors, Electronics Manufacturing (9222)
  76. Supervisors, Electrical Products Manufacturing (9223)
  77. Supervisors, other Mechanical and Metal Products Manufacturing (9226)
  78. Supervisors, Other Products Manufacturing and Assembly (9227)
  79. Chemical Plant Machine Operators (9421)
  80. Machining Tool Operators (9511)

A selected candidate under the Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP) is issued a Quebec Selection Certificate or Certificate de selection du Quebec (CSQ), which makes much easier to apply for the Canadian Permanent Residency (PR) visa.

A candidate for Quebec Skilled Worker Program is evaluated via the system that is based on some selection factors. The factors are different from the ones used for the Federal Skilled Worker Program from CIC. The applicant must go through and complete the required medical and criminal record checks beforehand when sending their application to the IRCC for the Canadian Permanent Residency Visa.

The Required Points Under The Quebec Immigration Selection System

    1. An unmarried applicant (single) has to score minimum 50 points.
  1. An applicant with a spouse or common-law partner has to score minimum 59 points.

Quebec Immigration Visa Process Duration

The processing for the Quebec Skilled Worker Program is variable according to each Canadian Immigration Visa Office. Quebec Skilled Worker Processing Time (federal stage only) takes 13 months.

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