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Language proficiency is an important selection factor in the Quebec points calculator under the Quebec Skilled worker program (QSWP).  There are 22 points that can be obtained under this selection factor. There are two languages available under this category, French and English. Since Quebec has the largest french speaking population in all of Canada so there are 16 points that are awarded to any candidate with the required proficiency in French. And 6 points to any candidate who has the required proficiency in English.

French Language

French ProficiencyLow Beginner (A1)High Beginner (A2)Low Intermediate (B1)High Intermediate (B2)Advanced (C1)Advanced (C2)
Listening0 points0 points0 points5 points6 points7 points
Speaking0 points0 points0 points5 points6 points7 points
Reading0 points0 points0 points1 point1 point1 point
Writing0 points0 points0 points1 point1 point1 point
Maximum16 points

English Language

English ProficiencyBeginner (CLB 1-4)Intermediate (CLB 5-8)Advanced (CLB 9-12)
Listening0 points1 point2 points
Speaking0 points1 point2 points
Reading0 points1 point1 point
Writing0 points1 point1 point
Maximum6 points

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The department of Quebec Immigration accepts various different English and French evaluation tests and diplomas. To know more about the best suited for you. Contact us today.

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