Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program 2017

The Initiation of Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program started with the meet of Canada’s Minister of Immigration with the Authorities of the 4 Atlantic Provinces in July, 2016. All the authorities worked as a team to launch this immigration pilot program. As per the observation and research of the federal and provincial government, the Atlantic Provinces need more skilled immigrants.

It is a 3 year duration of atlantic pilot program, which has been launched to fill the skill gap faced by the Atlantic Provinces and retain global skill balance. This program is also said to support the population growth and increase the skilled workforce along with the employment rates. As per the targets placed in Canada’s 2017 Immigration Plan, the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program will invite up to 2,000 skilled immigrants into Atlantic Canadian provinces in 2017.

How the Atlantic Immigration pilot program works?

Atlantic pilot program is an employer based program, with major involvement of the provincial employers. If an authorized provincial employer finds any international skilled worker matching their requirements, they have to first offer them the job profile. In this case the provincial employers do not need to acquire the Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA).

When the applicant will accept the offer, the employer will introduce the skilled worker to a designated settlement service provider for a needs assessment and to help in creation of a settlement plan. The provincial Employers will also help in the long-term integration of the new skilled worker and their family. Employers placing a job vacancy will have a temporary work permit access, so that the skilled immigrant and the family can migrate to Canada whenever they wish to.

In order to acquire the work permit, one must have:

  1. valid employment offer
  2. letter from the provincial government
  3. Commitment to apply for PR Visa within the time period of 90 days of the temporary work permit application.

The Employer designation

Provincial Employers who wish to hire international skilled immigrants under this Atlantic immigration pilot program should apply to the particular province in order to acquire job designation.
Employers who have companies in more than one province will need to separate the job designations for each province. Employers must match particular set requirements; including the commitment that they will support the hired immigrant and his family.

Click to know more on AIPP employer designation.

Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program eligibility requirements

Under this program, there are 3 streams for skilled immigrants:

  1. Atlantic High-Skilled Program (AHSP)
  2. Atlantic Intermediate-Skilled Program (AISP)

And one program for the international graduates:

  1. Atlantic International Graduate Program (AIGP)

Immigration to Atlantic Pilot Program: Other ways

The provinces of Atlantic region have always been active under Canadian immigration through the Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP). Through the PNP programs, the provinces invite a huge amount of skilled immigrants, international graduates who have acquired education in Canada, and entrepreneurs.

Starting from 2015, these Atlantic provinces has introduced at least one PNP stream linked with the Express Entry system, which permits the applicant, who are in the Express Entry Candidate pool and are also eligible under one of these program, to submit their application for immigration to the Atlantic province.

Right Now, the Atlantic pilot program includes the following provincial programs:

Latest Update: Introducing Atlantic Immigration Pilot program for skilled immigrants



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