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Make visas is the best Canadian immigration  consultants in Hyderabad. This canadian immigration visa consultancy can help convert Canada dream into reality. Make visas being the top Canadian immigration consultant in Hyderabad has a history of producing best results due to its years of in industry experience.   The company lives upto its impression of top immigration consultants in Hyderabad for Canada by  making the trustworthy relationship with its clients. Make visas, best consultancy for Canada in Hyderabad,  has been helping many professionals and students to move to Canada hassle free and settle down there. Want to know who we are, what makes us the best immigration consultancy in Hyderabad for Canada and most importantly why we always the first choice of people of Hyderabad.

 Make Visas the best Canadian Consultants in Hyderabad

Make Visas was solely established to make the process of overseas migration smooth and sleek for our clients. Over the years there have many changes in the visa structure and industry, but we have still cent percent satisfaction rate, owing to reliability, amongst our customers with 100% success rate. This has made what we are today and we always stood out of the crowd.

We understand that how much tough and mind-boggling it can be to take such decisions. Our skilled experts take full time to devote to your profile and understand in detail what would be the best options available for you.

Why Make Visas been the first choice of people of Hyderabad and why Make Visas is always the best Canadian Immigration Consultant in Hyderabad?

Make visas, being the top Canadian immigration consultants in Hyderabad, always works with the motto of delivering the best and it has been doing the same for past many years. That is the reason why the company has great satisfaction rate amongst applicants with regards to Canadian Immigration system and is one of the best Canadian immigration consultants in Hyderabad. Following are the points that makes it the top Canadian Immigration Consultants in Hyderabad:-

 • Experienced and Knowledgeable Staff:- Make visas has the experienced staff that has the exact information as to how to file the Canadian immigration in Hyderabad. This helps us to give a great service to our clients and clients never feel cheated because they are well informed by our staff about whole process clearly.


 • 100% Satisfaction Rate:- As going by our motto to deliver the best, clients get the best and there would be no resentment from the their side. This helps us to deliver complete cent percent satisfaction rate. Make Visas, best immigration consultants in Hyderabad, have been delivering the same for years in Hyderabad region for Canadian Immigration.


 • End to end solutions:- Make visas does not believe in taking a sigh of relief until and unless their customers have got their visas. Our experts feel the same pinch as you do when you don’t get the visa approved. This is the reason they assist you in each and every step and take the pain to complete the process successfully for the Canadian immigration.


 • Transparency:- Make Visas has the transparent process which means that the company doesn’t believe in hiding anything from its clients. That is the reason our Delhi/NCR clients rely on us for the Canadian Immigration process.


 • 100% Success Rate:- Make Visas  has a track record 100% success in filing the cases and getting through the Canadian immigration process  from Hyderabad.


 • Vast Experience:- Make visas have been into the industry for years and have delivered many happy faces. That is the reason it is the best Canadian immigration consultants in Hyderabad. This experience in itself proves that how much seriously we take our clients cases each and every time and makes the difference in every client’s lives.


 • Individual Case Analysis:- We know the importance of each and every profile or the case to be filed in the Canadian immigration. This is the reason why we do an individual case analysis initially for every profile we get. This makes us being most successful in fulfilling the dreams of our clients for Canadian immigration from Hyderabad region.


 • Streamlined Process:- Make visas believes in having a synchronized process of filing the Canadian immigration. This helps to file the Canadian immigration in a hassle free manner and does not create the mess of things.


 • Proper Documentation Guidance:- Our Hyderabad clients are properly guided what sort of documents are required for each type of visa in Canadian immigration. This helps to make a clear picture for our clients.


 • Timely Communication: – Make visas believe in long terms ties with our clients, so we focus on timely communication with our clients. This helps to have an orderly way of things while filing the Canadian Immigration.


• Clarity and Correctness in the services: – Clarity and correctness in the process in filing of Canadian visa is what makes us the best Canadian immigration consultants in Delhi/NCR. Make visa experts know where and what needs to be done in order to have a successful in Canadian immigration process.


Types of Canada Visa

Canadian immigration provides equal opportunities to people from all folks of professionals. There are different sort of  visas for different professionals. Make Visas being the top Canadian immigration consultants can help to sort out these things for its clients. There are different type of Canada immigration visa that would help the candidates to gain the Permanent Residence (PR) of Canada is as follows:-


  1. Express Entry

Express Entry program began in January 2015 where skilled immigrants are offered permanent residency (PR) on the basis of their skills. Candidates who meet the requirements in Express Entry can formally express their interest for the Permanent Residency (PR) in Canada. Initially the candidates have to check through their Comprehensive Express Entry Points in order to check whether they are eligible for Express Entry or for Provincial Nominee (PNP) Canada.

Canada Immigration has given the following classifications under which the immigrant workers would be classified in:-


• Federal Skilled Worker Program

The candidates who look qualify Federal Skilled Worker Program  should have their work listed under the Skilled worker Canada list of Occupations and are able to score atleast 67 points out of 100 as per the federal skilled worker points calculator gird. There are various occupations that are listed in Federal Skilled Worker Program List 2018 and through Federal Skilled Worker Program Points Calculator 2018 a candidate can see what sort of points they can gain.


• Federal Skilled Trades Program

Under the Federal Skilled Trade Program, candidates who are qualified as trade workers can migrate to Canada and can gain a Permanent Residency (PR) after they get the offer of employment. Points are distributed in various occupations listed in the Occupation list.


• Canadian Experience Class

Under the Canadian Experience Class, immigrants who have worked atleast for 1 year in the Canadian State can apply for Permanent Residency (PR) in Canada. The Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) there are various profiles that are ranked according to the different factors.


2. Provisional Nominee Programs (PNP)

Under the Provisional Nominee Program or PNP of Canadian Immigration all provinces (except Quebec) are under the agreement of Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC). They nominate the candidates who wish to immigrate Canada and gain Permanent Residency (PR) in Canada. Every PNP Canada program is tailored to the needs and demands of professional in that particular province.   


• Alberta Provisional Nominee Program

Alberta Provisional Nominee Program is a program where candidates want to migrate to Alberta province of Canada. Under this the candidates has to have job mentioned in the Alberta PNP Occupation List and fulfill the requirements under the Alberta PNP Points Calculator to get through this program. Under this the candidate has to have a job offer from the company that is approved by LMIA.


• British Columbia Provisional Nominee Program

Candidates who are interested in British Columbia Provisional Nominee Program has to have a job offer from the company approved by LMIA. Once the candidates are selected for the program they receive a British Columbia Provisional Nominee Program certification.  Candidates can check out the jobs on British Columbia occupation list 2018 and have to score atleast 60 points out of 100 on British Columbia points calculator 2018. Then after this procedure they would be able to receive the Canadian Permanent Residency (PR).


• Manitoba Provisional Nominee Program

Under the Manitoba Provisional Nominee Program a candidates who wants to shift to Manitoba has to have a score of 67 out of 100 under the Manitoba Immigration points calculator 2018. Moreover they could check out the occupation list under the Manitoba in Demand Occupation List 2018.


• New Brunswick Provisional Nominee Program

Under this program, candidates who want to shift to New Brunswick Province then apply for New Brunswick Provisional Nominee Program. Candidates need atleast 67 points out of 100 under the New Brunswick Immigration Points Calculator 2018 and the job should be listed in the New Brunswick Immigration occupation list 2018.


• Newfoundland and Labrador Provisional Nominee Program

Newfoundland and Labrador is one of the province in Canada. Under this program it lists down all the jobs in Newfoundland and Labrador Immigration Occupation List 2018 which are in demand plus the candidate needs to calculate their score according to Newfoundland and Labrador Immigration points calculator 2018. A candidate actually needs to score 67 points out of 100 to qualify for this province.


• Nova Scotia Provisional Nominee Program

This program is designed for Nova Scotia province of Canada. In the Nova Scotia Immigration points calculator 2018 candidates need to score atleast 67 points out of 100 and moreover they can find the listed job in Nova Scotia immigration occupation list 2018.


• Ontario Provisional Nominee Program

Ontario is another province in Canada which has its own immigration needs and demands. It has its own list of jobs names as Ontario occupation list 2018 which lets know the candidate as to what sort opportunities they can look for in the said province. Plus to judge the eligibility for the said province they can get to know from Ontario immigration points calculator 2018. A candidate needs to score minimum 60 points out of 100 in order to be eligible to apply for the said province.


• Prince Edward Island Provisional Nominee Program

Charlottetown conference was held in this province where the country as whole came into being. That is the reason it is called birthplace of Canada. Highly Educated and skilled foreign nationals candidates who are aiming for the Prince Edward Island province need to score atleast 67 points out of 100 according to the PEI Points Calculator grid.


• Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program

Saskatchewan is yet another province who has its own immigration system as per the Canadian Immigration system. In order to obtain the Saskatchewan province nominee certificate a person needs to score 60 points out of 100 under the SINP points assessment grid which can in turn help to have the Canada Permanent Residency (PR).


• Northwest territories immigrant nominee program

Northwest Territories PNP is the official program under the Canadian Immigration. Candidates who decides to go to Northwest territories has to score the required points under the NTNP points assessment grid. As per the population stats it is one of the tiniest province in Canada.


• Yukon Provincial Nominee Program

Yukon is one of the province in Canada which has its own immigration nominee program. In order to qualify for this province, candidates needs to score atleast 67 out of 100 points under the Yukon Immigration Points Calculator 2018 and to refer to sort of jobs the Yukon province has, candidates can refer to the list on Yukon immigration occupation list 2018.


3. Quebec Immigration Program

Quebec is one of the provinces of Canada that has its own immigration system under the Canadian immigration system. To qualify for the Quebec Immigration Program the candidates needs to fulfill the criteria under the Quebec Immigration Points Calculator 2018 and need to refer to the Quebec In Demand occupation list 2018. This can help to candidate to judge whether that person would be suitable or not in terms of the qualifying score.

There are different classifications under which the candidate eligibility is judged. These points are as bellows:-

• Level of Education

• Area of Training

• Work Experience

• Age

• Language Proficiency

• Spouse’s Characteristics

• Validates Employment offer

• Presence of Accompanying Children

• Financial Self Sufficiency

• Language Skills

• Children

A candidate should fit in all the parameters set in the above list in order to get the invitation for the Quebec province and get the Canadian Permanent Residency (PR).


4. Live-in Caregiver Program (LCP)

The Live-in Caregiver Program or LCP program is specially designed for those professionals who are qualified in providing care for children, elderly or disabled people. In order to apply for this sort of visa in Canadian Immigration you need to possess good English/French language skills and more importantly the documentation required from the prospective candidate would be:-

• Written contract with future employer.

• Work Permit Stamp before entering into the country.

•  Qualification equaling the Canadian Secondary School.

•  One year full time paid work experience or six months experience as a caretaker or in a related occupation in past three years.


5. Family Visa for Canada

Canadian state understands the value of uniting the family. So the Canadian Immigration has allowed the family of those individuals who are residing in Canada and want to immigrate to the nation with their family. Under this program the person who is the Canadian citizen or has gained a Canadian Permanent Resident (PR) can sponsor the visas for his or her family. Following are the family members a Canadian Permanent Resident (PR) holder can qualify for the Family Visa for Canada:-

•  Spouses and common-law partner visa

•  Parents and grandparents visa

•  Dependent Children visa


6. Canada Business Visa

Canada has always attracted unaccountable opportunities for the business investors across the world. If the Canadian Immigration, after taking into consideration all the factors, considers an applicant eligible for Canada business visa, these people can come to Canada for various interaction programs and take part in various conferences. Following are the sort of categories in the Canada Business Visa:

•  Self Employed Persons Program

•  Startup visa program

•  The immigrant investment venture capital pilot program


7. Tourist Visa Canada

Canadian Immigration allows different people to visit Canada under the Visitor Visa Canada to admire the scenic beauty of the country. A person can visit and stay in country for maximum of 6 months in the country. There are 2 sub category of visas that are allowed under this visa by Canadian Immigration:-

•  Single Entry

•  Multi Entry


Make Visas  takes care of each and every aspect of the visa process and provides the most comprehensive service in the industry. Each and every case is not just the case for Make Visas. Make Visas takes as if it’s own visa is going to be stamped. That is the reason Make Visas have been able to deliver the best service with quality and for many years it has been the best Canadian immigration consultants in Hyderabad.


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