Why Canada is a good place for Immigrants?

As per the UN, Canada is ranked as the Number 1 Country for providing the best quality of life. Well, it is not behind the curtains that Immigrants have played an important role in the boosting economy of Canada. Among the OECD nations, Canada holds the highest immigration rates, with an addition of 0.7% immigrant population every year.

About 250,000 International foreigners immigrate every year; well, this number doesn’t include about 200,000 temporary foreign workers who’re on a work permit and 100,000 students who’re studying on a student visa.

Do you ever wonder, why Canada is the first destination of every immigrant? Well, there are a plethora of reasons which we will discuss in this article, but what exactly win the game is its Immigration Policies. Canada has offered many visa programs, such as study visa, express entry, and provincial nominee program, tourist visa allowing foreigners to enter the land for a permanent or temporary basis.

a) Economic opportunity
In the wake of stringent Immigration Policies and unstable U.S. economy, immigrants are looking for new places to settle, as well as, for employment opportunities. Canada has been ranked as the most vivacious and efficient market.

b) Cultural diversity

Canada is open to every immigrant irrespective of their language or background. It is considered as the most-friendly country by immigrants. It is considered as the nation that values your thoughts, respects freedom, and individual rights.
c) Top-class education
Education provided by this country is at its best. Immigrants whose families join them, this factor really satisfies them. As reports to be believed, many immigrants migrate to Canada on a study visa to complete their studies. Best education, consequently, resulting in an increase in the number of Immigrant students in the country.

d) Social and Health care benefits
A holder of Canada permanent residency visa gets the same benefits as of citizen. PR holders get all the rights and benefits which are utilized by the Canadian citizens.

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