Which is the best Immmigration Consultancy in india for Canada Immigration?

Do you know how many Immigration consultancies are there in India who provides PR services to Canada? Well, the answer would be many. Talking about the Immigration Consultants across India – Delhi, Pune, Bangalore, and Chandigarh are considered as the hub of Immigration.

Before starting your Immigration process, one should check the nitty-gritty about the Company. As there are many companies that are a part of fraudulent activities, therefore, finding the best Immigration Consultancy in India for Canada PR involves a few conditions. Take a dive through the points that need to be considered before selecting the Immigration company :

a)      The company should be registered with IRCC

b)      The physical office should be there.

c)       Must check the online reputation of the company on social media platforms

d)      Visit their websites to see the testimonials.

e)      Must see the past success stories

f)       Transparency should be there in the process and costing

g)      Immigration consultants must have in-depth knowledge about the Canada process

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Why Make Visas is the best Immigration Consultancy in India for Canada Immigration?

New Delhi-based Immigration Company, Make Visas is one of the leading Immigration Companies and has clients across the world. Having over 10 years of experience and impeccable knowledge about Canada Immigration process, it has embarked its name not only in India but also across the world.

a)      Make Visas is a Register Consultancy under Companies Act

b)      It has a head office in New Delhi and other branches are situated in major cities like Pune, Faridabad.

c)       We provide transparency throughout the case and holds a 99% success rate in our Immigration cases.

d)      We offer Job-assistance and post-landing services to our clients.

e)      It has a team of highly-experienced and talented Immigration Consultants who have in-depth knowledge about the Canadian process.

If you have plans to immigrate to Canada permanently, you can connect with Make Visas team by filling out the free visa assessment form where you can check your eligibility. To talk to our experts, you can dial official helpline +91-7042184185 or send your queries to info@makevisas.com.