When will Saskatchewan pnp open in 2018

Saskatchewan PNP Nominee Program or SINP always had immigrant friendly norms which attract skilled immigrants, under various visa categories, to live and work in the Saskatchewan province. Through these visa categories it nominates the applicants for Canadian Permanent Residency as per the quota allocated by Immigration Refugees and Citizenship (IRCC). SINP helps to fulfill the demands of labour market and economy.

Key Streams SINP

Under the Saskatchewan pnp nominee program or SINP, the province provides an excellent option for skilled workers to immigrate to Saskatchewan. These two streams are SINPOccupation in Demand sub category and SINP Express Entry sub category. These two streams are so popular that the intake of these hits the upper limit within the span of few hours.

When will Saskatchewan PNP (SINP) Open in 2018?

As of the update of the previous Saskatchewan PNP Program, it closed on June 13th, 2018. This intake accepted 400 applications. It is due to popularity of the program, the limited number of applications are accepted in the program. It is therefore becomes really very important to prepare the application and submit the same it as soon as possible.

But it is scheduled to be open soon. As of now following situation stands in hand:-

SINP Entrepreneur program will be accepting the application and Expression of Interest (EOI) on the following dates:-

1. 18 July 2018

2. 17 October 2018

International Skilled Worker-Occupations in-demand sub category is closed applications at this point of time.

International Skilled Worker Employment offer is currently accepting applications.

International Skilled Worker Saskatchewan Express Entry has closed its applications at this point of time

There are set number of SINP nominations that can be made every year by the federal government. It is when the threshold of new applicants opens, new applicants are invited.

Expression of Interest (EOI) Pool Selection

There is a draw system that is being conducted by immigration services to select candidate from Expression of Entry (EOI) pool. EOI pool is conducted every three months:-

• Applicants would remain in the EOI pool till the time they are selected as per their score or their application expires or it is withdrawn.

• Applicants who have submitted a completed EOI profile to the pool will be selected on the basis of the highest point scored.

• If the pool selections are going, applicants are encouraged to submit the EOI only after they have completed all the activities related to point’s grid. Once the candidates submit the EOI, they won’t be allowed to make changes in the same.

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