What’s Changing In The Year 2019 For Aspiring Australian Migrants?

After the appointment of the new Prime Minister last year, the annual immigration intake has been the principal subject of political debate in the cabinet house. Immigration came into consideration in Australia’s political conversation along with the bunch of a questionnaire including annual permanent intake and how to tackle overpopulation in the livable cities like Melbourne and Sydney.  After much discussion on annual intake, the scheme of sending migrants to Regional and Rural Australia for the estimated time before granting them permanent residency took place. Delve into the changes that will take place in the year 2019:

1 Pathway to get Australia Permanent Residency

The Australia Federal Government came up with two special agreements, Designated Area Migration Agreements with the Northern Territory state and the Great Southern Coast of Victoria, offers the gateway to skilled migrants with limited English proficiency to get PR visa. Immigration Minister David Coleman added that such agreements could be signed with different regions as well to meet the needs of those areas. In addition to that, the government is focusing to fill the employment gaps in regional areas.

2 Introduction of New Parent Visa

In the first half of the year 2019, there will be the launching of a new temporary sponsored Parent Visa permitting parents of migrants to stay in the country for the tenure of five years. This visa was on hold because of the legislation it was linked to could not be passed till the November of the last year.

3 New Sponsorship framework for Sponsored Family Visas

The Australian Federal Parliament has passed the Migration Amendments (Family Violence and other measures) Bill 2016 with some reformation made by Government and it was finally sanctioned on 28th November 2018, cultivating the ways for a new sponsorship framework for sponsored visas. It consists of two steps that include an evaluation of the sponsors and after its approval; you can lodge a visa application.

4 Without the Evidence of Investment, You May Apply For a Business Visa

This special visa was formed with an aim to escalate the economy of South Australia. The Federal Government also sanctioned Temporary Activity Subclass 408 that allows visa holders to reside in the country for three years along with their families. The upper hand for this visa is to businesses associated with defense and space, cyber security, big data, digital and Blockchain, food, wine and AgTech, health and medical technology, media and film industries. This special visa program will be continuing for the next three years till 2021.

5 Lowering The Annual Limit of Intake of Migrants

Since 2011, the annual immigration intake has been capped at 190,000. Though previous year this cap limit lower down to just 162,000 with an incision in the family and skilled visas. Prime Minister is in approval of the annual immigration intake at 160,000. It would be interesting to see whether the government will move in this direction in the upcoming Federal election that is going to happen in May this year. He also added that he would like to take state and territories in talks related to the annual immigration intake and deciding the intake limit for their respective areas.

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