What Is The Processing Time of Canada Immigration?

Canada Immigration has different visas under its umbrella that allows immigrants to work, settle and enjoy the beauty of the country. Every potential immigrant has a question in mind “What is the processing time of Canada Immigration Visa?” Processing time is defined as the time taken by the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) to process the particular application. It starts from the day the visa application is filed.

Factors Affecting Processing Time

There are various factors that effects the processing time of the visas. This may change the process time to some bit but most of the times the processing time remains the same. Following are the factors that contribute the same:-

  1. Application type
  2. Level of completion of application
  3. Resident Country
  4. How quickly IRCC processes the application
  5. How easily verification can be done
  6. Time taken by the candidate to respond to request or concerns

These are some of the factors affecting the processing time, but this is not an exhaustive list. There can be many other reasons for the early or delay in the processing of application.

Processing Time of different Canada Visas

Canada offers various kinds of opportunities to different immigrants to enjoy the beauty of the country and work and settle there. The application of Canada immigration is processed within 6 to 10 months of submitting the application. Following are the processing times of other visas:-  

  • ✍ Express Entry:- 6 months
  • ✍ Study Permit:- 4-6 weeks
  • ✍ Post Graduate Work Permit:- Online- 50 days/Paper-based- 105 days
  • ✍ Permanent Resident Card:-Processing Time- 61 days/Renewing the Card- 71 days
  • ✍ Permanent Residency Sponsorship for Spouse:- 12 months
  • ✍ Visitor Visa:-Online- 14 days/Paper-based- 19 days
  • ✍ Business Visa:- 35 days
  • ✍ Provincial Nominee Program:- 12 months
  • ✍ Quebec:- 11-12 months
  • ✍ Saskatchewan:- 3-4 months

i) Express Entry:- 3 months

ii) Occupation in-demand:- 4 months

iii) Employment Offer:- Less than 1 month

  • ✍ Manitoba:- 4 months
  • ✍ Nova Scotia:- 3-6 months
  • ✍ Ontario:- 9-12 months
  • ✍ Alberta:- 6-12 months
  • ✍ Yukon:- 12-14 weeks
  • ✍ New Brunswick:- 6-8 weeks
  • ✍ British Columbia:- 4 months

i) Skilled Immigration- 2-3 months

ii) Entrepreneur  Stream – 3-4 months

  • ✍ Nova Scotia:-  3-6 months
  • ✍ Prince Edward Island:- 10-12 months

The above listed processing time can change as the guidelines of the Canadian government as they are very much fragile in changing their rules. Candidates need to patient enough to wait for the processing time.

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