What is the living cost in Sydney, Australia?

Australia is the country of Immigrants and every year thousands of newcomers come to this beautiful country to explore career opportunities. Sydney and Melbourne are considered as the most happening and liveable cities in Australia. As per the data, every second migrant who has landed in the country permanently wishes to live and work in this popular city. If you are also one of those aspirants who dream of settling in Sydney, then this blog belongs to you.

Do you know the monthly expenditure of a single person in Sydney? Do you know the processing fee of permanent residency visa? Before landing in Sydney, you must know the basic living cost as it is one of the expensive cities in Australia. And, as per the data, it comes in the Top 10 Expensive Cities in the world.

The basic cost of living in Sydney, including the cost of food, beverage, clothing, personal care and household items for one month is $1792. Besides, if you require a two-bedroom furnished apartment along with the household help, and an International school admission fee and local language course would cost $2987, which leads to $4779.

Despite the high cost of living, Sydney is considered as the best destination for living. The city is enriched with beautiful beaches, just the right climate and obviously, the friendly environment.

a)   Accommodation Cost

Accommodation is highly expensive in Sydney, though places far from the city are a little bit cheaper. But, places closer to the city and water, are highly expensive. The average cost of a one-bedroom city would cost you around $2800 and the same apartment would cost around $1900 if it is outside the city center.

b)   Food expenses

You will find a variety of food options in the city as Sydney has migrants from all over the world. Even, the food prices vary from places or restaurants you choose. Things would be in your favor if you first explore the local food market or supermarket as rates of restaurants are high. And, the food prices keep on fluctuating because of climatic conditions that leave a big impact on the price of fruit, vegetables, meat, and bread. The cost of an average three-course meal for two persons in the restaurant can cost you around $80- $100.

c)  Public Transportation Cost

The cost is entirely depending on the distance you travel. Newcomers who use public transport need to buy an Opal Card. This is the smart ticketing system allows you to pay for your traveling expenses whenever you are using public transport in Sydney,  the Blue Mountains, Central Coast, and Illawarra. With this card, a person can spend $15.80 daily and weekly basis; it costs around $63.20 for adults. Thus, the average traveling cost in Sydney varies between $50 and $65 per week.

d)    Outing Cost

If you are movies enthusiast, it takes around $23 to buy a movie ticket for an adult and on Tuesdays, the prices are comparatively cheaper. Both expensive and pocket-friendly shows are available; therefore, you can book any one of them depending on your expenditure.

d) Other Costs

Other costs, including the phone and internet bills may cost you around $25-$55 per week. And, the average expenditure per week is around $335-$470.

So, if you have plans to migrate to Australia and later on, to settle in Sydney, you must be aware of all the expenditure. For availing more information about the Australian Immigration process, you can directly contact with our team for assistance. Contact us on +91-7042184185 or send your queries at info@makevisas.com.