What is the difference between the subclass 189 visa and subclass 190 visa?

Australia is known for its simplified and formulated the points-based system. Subclass 189 visa and Subclass 190 visa both are points based visas and it provides permanent residency in Australia for the immigrants. One of the major requirements of both the visas is that candidates need to possess good skills in order to get good marks on the points test.  The primary difference between subclass 189 visa and subclass 190 visa is that you should be nominated by Australian state/territory government in case of subclass 190. However, both the visas led to permanent residency. Let’s check out the full details.

What is Skilled Independent Visa subclass 189?

The subclass 189 visa is known as a Skilled Independent visa. This visa allows an individual to live, work and study in Australia for the indefinite period of time in Australia. The aspirants who are not sponsored by the family members who are permanent residents in Australia/ approved employers or nominated by the Australian state/territory are eligible to apply for this visa.  Under this visa program, you can live permanently in Australia without any restrictions.  In order to apply for this visa program, you need to submit an expression of Interest (EOI) first. You have to nominate an occupation from the Australia occupation list as per your qualification and work experience.  If you manage to receive Invitation to apply (ITA), you will have to apply for the visa within the span of 60 days.

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What is Skilled State Sponsored Visa Subclass 190 ?

The subclass 190 visa is known as Skilled Nominated Visa. The aspirants who are nominated by the Australian state/territory government are eligible to apply for it. The subclass 190 visa allows you to dwell and settle in Australia on the permanent basis. To apply, you need to submit an expression of Interest (EOI) through Skill Select.  Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) ensure that you are capable enough to live in Australia in your nominated occupation. You are free to apply in or outside Australia and at the time when the visa is granted. Here are some requirements you need to fulfill under this visa :

a)    You have to live in your nominating state for at least two years.

b)    You have to meet all the possible requirements of the nominating state.

c)    You have to keep the state or territory informed about any kind of changes in your address.

As you know, both the visas are permanent resident visas and are always similar to each other. So, check out what all we need to apply for these visas programs:

Requirements of both the visas

a)    You should be less than 50 years of age.

b)    You have to meet the English language proficiency skills requirement.

c)    You have to score at least 65 points on the Australia points calculator. The points calculator includes factors like age, qualification, work experience, English language proficiency etc.

d)    You have to get skill assessment done by the approved accessing authority.

e)    You have to meet the health and character requirements.

f)    You should not have any outstanding debts to the Australian Government.

Benefits of these visas

a)    You can live and settle in Australia for the permanent period.

b)    You can complete your studies in Australia during your stay.

c)    You are free to sponsor your eligible family members for permanent residency in Australia if they are able to meet the eligibility requirements.

d)    You can travel as many times in and outside Australia till the time your visa is valid.

e)    You can apply for the Australian citizenship if you meet the eligibility requirements.

f)    You can enroll yourself in Medicare; it is an Australian Scheme for healthcare related expenses and medical expenses.

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189 visa is a country visa and you can live and work anywhere in Australia. The processing time for this visa is between 8-10 months. 190 visa is a state nominated visa and need the nomination from Australian state/territory government to be eligible for it. You have to reside in the nominating state for at least two years.  Howbeit, both the visas come under the General Skilled Migration Program and provide PR in Australia. If you want to settle in Australia permanently, you can contact Makes Visas, the best Immigration Consultancy in India. You can get in touch with the Australian Immigration experts who will assist you thoroughly. To reach our experts, you can dial our official helpline +91-7042184185 or write your queries on info@makevisas.com.