What is the cost of living in New Zealand?

New Zealand, the land of Kiwis is a popular destination for Immigratints who want to immigarte to NZ  for higher studies or have permanent settlement plans. This country is milieu by friendly people and with idyllic natural sceneries that just bring people closer to nature. In New Zealand, you can find all type of weathers, be it scorching heat of the sun or capturing a view of lakes and mountains in the south that gives a picturesque of Swiss Alps. It is arguably the best country to live and settle down.

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People were interested in this country previously also, but just after the Lord of Rings movie, it simply got the soar. As per the data, many billionaires have home in this beautiful land because here, you will not find any crime or inequality. Check out the living cost in New Zealand on numerous factors:

a) Buying a Home

The first step when you got the visa for New Zealand immigration, is to book a home to live and settle down in the vicinity of NZ. The accommodation living cost may vary according to the region or state you have decided to live. To buy a home in NZ, you have to be a permanent resident or citizen of the country. Foreign expats can’t buy home here. The cost entirely depends on the place where you are looking for a house. The average cost of buying a house in NZ is around NZ$550, 00 and if you have plans to buy a house in big cities, like Auckland, it increases up to NZ $862,000. New Zealand residents may meet the requirements for home mortgage financing at low interests.

Check out the areas along with the cost:

Auckland NZ$862,000
Other North island CitiesNZ$519,000
Rural AreasNZ$425,000
South island CitiesNZ$405,000

b) Cost of living in New Zealand for Monthly Expenses

The average cost of two people living in NZ varies from NZ$3,000 to NZ$5, 000 per month. 

  1. If you are purchasing a place on rent, it would cost you around NZ$1,560 to NZ $3,300 per month and Food cost is NZ $1,000 per person provided you eat at home, otherwise if you eat outside, additional NZ$500 will be included in the Food cost.
  2. Other basic utilities like gas heating, electricity, water can cost you around NZ $253 to NZ$506.
  3. If you need an Internet connection at your place, it will cost you around NZ $73.
  4. The cost of Gasoline is NZ $2.21 per liter but other factors like distance, driver’s mileage also plays an important role in this.

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c) Comparison between cities

Auckland is the most expensive city to live in New Zealand. Check out the comparison between Auckland and other cities:

    1. Wellington is around 6% less cheaply than Auckland and it increases to 16% when we compare Christchurch with Auckland.
    2. Dunedin is almost 20% cheaper and Hamilton is 17% less than in Auckland.

d) Cost of Common items

Go through the common items that are required regularly:

  1. If you have plans to eat out, business lunch along with drinks can cost you around NZ$18. If you are going for a fast Food Combo meal, it costs around NZ $11. On the other hand, dinner for two at Pub is NZ$57 and at Fine Restaurant, it is NZ$104.
  2. Clothing is what people love the most. The cost of Nike Shoes is NZ$154 and for Dress Shoes, it is NZ$159.

d) Rent a house and apartment

Houses are being sold weekly in NZ and the average apartment or house has one or two bedrooms. The average rate of a small place would cost you around NZ$390 per week and every month, it is NZ$1,560. If you want to look for a big apartment that consists of three or four bedrooms, it costs around NZ $525 per week and NZ$2,100 per month.

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