What are the benefits of Australia PR in 2019 ?

Australia permanent residency is a status every overseas skilled worker dream of. The land of opportunities is an affinity for foreigners who look for employment opportunities and want to excel in their career. Ranked as the second-best country in the world for providing quality of life according to the UN polls, this nation has immeasurable gains to skilled workers who have the potential to grow. If you are making your mind to settle down permanently in the kangaroo land, we are here with a few advantages given to permanent residents:

a)  Right to live in Australia

Australia PR visa is a five-year permanent visa allows an applicant to live and work in the nation. There is also an important point that this visa allows you to travel in and out of the country till the time your visa is valid i.e., 5 years. Nonetheless, you can renew your visa before it gets expired.

b) Healthcare and Social Benefits

You will get access to Medicare, which is an Australian health scheme allows free treatment at public hospitals m provide subsidized medicine and health insurance at cheaper rates. If you have been in Australia for over two years as a pr holder, you will be provided with social welfare aids by Centrelink, which is a master program run by Social Security Department of the nation.

c) Australian Citizenship grant

PR holders who have gained the residency after 2007 are qualified to apply for citizenship provided you have lived in the nation for at least four years. Also, children born in Australia will automatically get the citizenship of Australia by birth.

d) Sponsor your family members

If you have met the residence and support assertion requirements, you can sponsor your eligible family members for permanent residency.

e) Working rights

PR allows you to work in any occupation of your interest without any restrictions. Though, PR holders are exempted from fields such as Armed Forces or Public Services. Only citizens of this nation are allowed to work in both these sectors.

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