Reduction in the Express Entry Application Time

Every Express Entry candidate and those who are going to apply for the Canada permanent residency (PR) visa must know that the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has reduced the deadline for the submission of Canada PR application from 90 days to  60 days. The starting of this deadline is from the date when a candidate gets an Invitation to Apply (ITA) from the IRCC. The reduction in the time period was done for the welfare of applicants by lessening the whole application time of the Express Entry permanent residency application.

But, as the saying goes ‘every coin has two sides’, this system has also made many applicants more nervous due to having less time for the preparation of documents and the application properly. To help out such nervous candidates, we have provided some instructions below to alleviate their tension:

Preparing The Application Quickly

As mentioned above, the applicant has only 60 days to submit their application, so they must keep their file ready beforehand. Waiting for own ITA is imprudent. And, it’s much better to start preparing the application in advance. But, filling the application form in advance is not possible, so by following the ways, one can be free from the burden of permanent residency application:

Arrangement Of Documentation

After the registration of own Express Entry profile, if the candidate finds that they can receive an ITA, they should prepare their all necessary documents without waiting for the ITA. It’s better because they may forget many documents due to being in haste. Keeping every document ready will be in their interest; it will give them more time for other preparations.

Know More About The Application

It will be very beneficial to be aware of the application format very well. Knowing about the necessary information and requirements that must be provided with the application will be a great advantage. And, it will not force them into going to everybody again and again to understand the instructions. It will not only save their time, but it will also make them more prepared and confident.

Awareness Of The Proper Process

What to do after receiving an ITA should be within the knowledge of the candidate. They must know each and every step of the process. Meeting knowledgeable individuals in this field and knowing about all the documents and rules will be great. If they know what to do after receiving an ITA, then 60 days will be enough for them.

Support From The Best Immigration Consultant For Canada

First of all, considering that everything can be without a professional is an example of overconfidence. Consultation with the best immigration consultant for Canada is a must. They will guide the applicant about each and every step, the necessary documents, mandatory checks, and certification. Apart from that, they can help the candidate with the Canada Express Entry latest draw and news, which will be in the candidate’s interest. One can also know about the current status of their application by hiring an immigration specialist.

Overall, if all preparation is done beforehand in such a complex and complicated situation, it will reduce burden, boost confidence, and allow the individual to work on their other important things requires improvement in the remaining time.

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