Reasons to Immigrate to New Zealand in 2019

Are you planning to immigrate to New Zealand in 2019? New Zealand Immigration allows you to reside, work and study anywhere in the country depending on the visa category you’ve chosen. If you are planning to settle down permanently in this Kiwis land, you are seriously on the right path. Making this developed country your new home is a right step to achieve your goals and at the same time, living a laidback lifestyle. Here, check out a plethora of reasons to move to New Zealand in 2019:

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a) Diverse and Multicultural society

NZ welcomes everyone irrespective of their background. This nation believes in equality and you would be amazed to know that NZ has had 2 female Prime Ministers and gave women the right to vote. The nation gives complete freedom of speech to its citizens.

b) Pathways to move to NZ

NZ offers plenty of pathways for overseas nationals to visit and be part of their nation. If you are a business owner, have family in NZ or you are a skilled worker, you can easily be a part of this beautiful nation. If you have talent and skills, there’s no better place to achieve your dreams other than New Zealand.

c) Robust economy

This nation is considered as the best to live as more than half of its population is migrants. In recent time, it has started inviting people from countries like India (on the top), South Africa and Zimbabwe. The nation has a robust economy with a GDP of US$128 billion.

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d) Peaceful nation in the world

New Zealand is considered as the most peaceful nation in the world according to the Economist’s Global Peace Index. It has a low crime rate which makes it the safest place to live in. To add more achievements, NZ was also nominated as the 6th top-ranked nation to provide Quality of life.

e) Opportunities for Skilled Workers

Tourism and primary production are the main source of employment but the rapid increase of medium and high tech industries gives copious opportunities for skilled workers. Individuals with skills and talent are welcome here and there’s a huge opportunity in the IT sector, for Engineers and Teachers. In fact, the government has made easier for expats to look for job opportunities by introducing Skill shortage list which targets the occupations that need skilled workers.

f) Idyllic environment

NZ is a complete package of Glaciers, green hills, and active volcanoes. If you love adventure and want to adventurous activities like cycling, hiking, and Kayaking, you definitely belong to this place. Breathing pure air and experiencing clean weather is beyond miraculous.
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