Reasons for migrating to Canada

Canada is the hotspot destination among overseas immigrants. Many people have a dream of making this Maple Syrup Land their new home. It is the place with the intake of the highest number of Immigrants from all over the world. Whether you are up for expanding your business and settling up permanently there or to explore in your industry and look out for the better employment opportunities, Canada is the right place for you. If you have thought of settling overseas, Canada would top the chart of the best immigration destinations across the globe.

As per the statement given by the United Nations, Canada is ranked as the number one place to live in or make a new home. To settle permanently, you have to get a PR visa that gives you the authority to live and work anywhere in Canada.  To be a PR holder in Canada, an aspiring applicant has to endure a Canada Immigration process that ranges from filing, documentation, and processing time. If you meet the eligibility criteria as set by the higher authorities, you will receive an Invitation to apply (ITA) from the Immigration and Citizenship of Canada which you are supposed to loge in the given duration set by IRCC.

There are numerous ways to get a Canada PR visa, like Express Entry System and Provincial Nomination Program. In Express Entry Pathway, your eligibility is being ranked as per the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) and in Provincial Nominee Program, you are nominated by Canadian state, province, or territory depending on the intended requirements which are met by you.

Check out the most relevant reasons which allure immigrants:

a) Canada is one of the safest places across the globe. It scores 9.7 out of 10 as per the OECD Better Life Index on the basis of safety and security.

b) Best Healthcare and Medicare.

c) Social Care benefits are provided to the PR holders as well as citizens.

d) Transparent and unbiased legal system emphasizing on law enforcement.

e) An immigrant-friendly country without any discrimination based on gender, creed, race or caste. Freedom of speech and multicultural diversity actors make it the best country to live in.

f) The Government invests bighearted on the education system and provides the top-notch education system to its permanent citizens.

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