Pathway to get an Australia PR by working in Northern Territory for three years

Australia has always been the perfect hotspot destination for the International foreigners. Be it for holidaying purpose, to do higher studies, work opportunities or to settle permanently there, this Kangaroo land bears the badge of an ideal place.  International people always try their luck and look for the opportunities through which they can move to Australia. The most popular visa category through which expats can easily get a green signal to stay there is General Skilled Migration program. This program consists of permanent residency visa categories like Skilled Independent Visa Subclass 189, Skilled Nominate Visa Subclass 190, and Skilled Regional provisional Visa Subclass 489.

We all know that getting permanent residency is not that easy as a little error can reject your visa application and your dream of relocating in OZ comes to an end. But, here’s the golden opportunities for the candidates who fail to get an Australian PR due to the direct process. The New Designated Area Migration Agreement has come into effect on 1st January 2019. Northern Territory, one of the popular states of Australia is offering permanent residency to the skilled people under a new visa agreement. Now, you can easily get PR by working in the Northern Territory state for the span of three years.

This mutual visa agreement took place between NT State and the Federal Govt. of Australia. Under this scheme, a total of 111 occupations are available for skilled migrants to apply for a PR.

An Immigration Minister, David Coleman, said that this step is emerged to be resourceful to restructure the migrant population away from the major cities. He further added, the Government is accentuating to improve the immigration system. The Immigration system of Australia should be able to meet the needs of states and regional areas.

NT was already having a DAMA but the pathway for PR was not being offered. With the new 5-year DAMA II, the workers who have worked in NT for 3 years are eligible to apply for PR. In order to qualify under the DAMA II, the workers have to submit relevant qualifications and work experience as per the demand of their nominated occupation.

Businesses seeking to employ International foreign workers under DAMA II must be in operation and in active mode for the past 12 months. They have to submit the terms and conditions as given to the foreign workers. Above that, all these businesses need to ensure that foreign workers should get hired at the local market rate for their occupation.

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