Key Factors Play An Important Role In Australian Immigration

Looking forward to migrating to Australia but confused which via category is suitable for you? Choosing the fair visa category is the biggest impediment faced by millions of users who have the yearning to settle overseas. Majority of the users not aware of which category is the right one for them and get baffled in the channel of either waiting for the Invitation To Apply (ITA) or straight-away rejection of the profile. Australia, the land down under, implicates legitimate and simplified selection factors to hire the professionals from overseas, who are not only infallible but are the asset for their economy.

Look Out the Below-Given Factors that are Essentials for Australian Immigration.

Meet the following factors to place the ball in your court at first place:

Australian Immigration involves a series of actions and the aspirant needs to meet them to live in the paradise land. The most common Permanent Residency Visas like Skilled Independent Visa, State-Sponsored Visa, and Regional Provisional Visa are the point-based visas. The applicants have to go through the proper procedure and meet the factors to qualify. Here are the essential factors that can change the destiny of an applicant, if follow accurately:

a) Age

The age plays important role in the criteria of immigrating to Australia. The candidates between the age group of 18-39 get the maximum score. In order to attain the maximum of 30 points, one should apply for Australian visa between the age group of 25-32.

b) Education

The candidate should be the holder of at least graduate degree to apply for Australian PR Visa. The aspirants with High degrees like Doctorate get a maximum of 20 points.

c) Work Experience

If you’re applying for the skilled visas, you need to mention about your work experience. Higher the work experience, higher will be your score. The candidates with relevant education and work experience have higher chances of getting invited by Australian Immigration authorities.

d) Language Skills

English is the medium of communication in Australia. Being an English-speaking nation, Australia demands the candidates who have good command on the English language. To qualify for visa categories of Australian immigration, the candidates have to go through the English exams like IELTS, PTE etc. and should score well as required.

e) Other factors

The candidates get extra five points if they receive nomination under State Sponsored visa subclass 190 and addition of 10 points is under Provisional Regional Visa Subclass 489. To be eligible for Australian permanent residency visa, you have to score at least 65 points on the points system. However, the candidates with high scores are invited first.

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