Immigrate to Saskatchewan in 2019

Saskatchewan, the province enfolds in the heart of Canadian Prairies has always been accepted by Immigrants and from 2007, it has welcomed over 108,000 Overseas skilled workers from 170 countries. This Land of the Living Skies is considered as a home for major cities like Saskatoon and Regina. Presently, 1.1 million people is living there with copious benefits and up-standard living style.

Mining, Oil and Gas Exploration, and Technology are the top Industries of Saskatchewan, with a majority of folks in Agriculture Industry. After digging out the data, it has been found that the majority of the Immigrants come from Asian countries like the Philippines.  The raison d’être behind an abundance of warmth and love is Immigration Rules and Policies of Saskatchewan and the regular Expression of Interest draws happen in the province.

Get an idea about the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program

Talking of the data of the year 2018, over 15, 000 newcomers entered the province as a permanent resident through the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP).  The SINP is a crucial part of Provincial Nominee Program, where provinces and territories of Canada nominate skilled workers, entrepreneurs, and international graduates of Canada Post-secondary Institutions for permanent residence provided candidates have to commit to living and work in their nominating state.

Immigration Categories of the SINP

  1. International Skilled Worker
  2. Saskatchewan Experience
  3. Entrepreneurs
  4. Farm Owners and Operators

a)      International Skilled Worker

This category is for skilled workers who want to immigrate to Saskatchewan and can apply under any of the three sub-categories namely Express Entry, Occupation In-Demand, and Employment Offer. The SINP- Express Entry sub-category is for applicants whose profile is in Federal Express Entry System and has work experience in one of the occupations that are mentioned in the In-Demand List of the province. There is no requirement of employment offer from a Saskatchewan employer. EE candidates get 600 points in their CRS score if they get provincial nomination certificate from the SINP. International applicants have to submit a separate Expression of Interest (EOI) with the SINP along with a valid Express Entry profile if want to get a provincial nomination from the SINP.

b) Occupation In-Demand Sub-category

This sub-category issues invitation to the candidates outside of the Express Entry System. There is no job offer requirement but your occupation should be in High-demand occupation list.

c) Employment offer Sub-category

Candidates who have a job offer from an approved and accredited Saskatchewan employer, who is registered with the SINP are eligible under this sub-category. Though there is no specific list of jobs, the employment offer must be in an occupation that comes under Skill Type 0 or Skill Level A or B of Canada’s National Occupation Classification (NOC) or is in nominated trade.

d) Saskatchewan Work Experience

Applicants having Saskatchewan work experience and a job offer are eligible to apply for a provincial nomination for permanent residence under one of five Saskatchewan Experience sub-categories:

  1. Existing Work Permit
  2. Health Professionals
  3. Hospitality Sector Project
  4. Long-Haul Truck Driver Project
  5. Students

You need to have at least six months of work experience as a temporary International worker in Saskatchewan and a full-time employment offer from an accredited employer in the targeted sector, and other requirements.

e) Entrepreneurs

This category belongs to the applicants who want to set up and operate a business in the province. Candidates are given a score on factors – business experience, business establishment plan, etc which are included in the Expression of Interest profile.  If your business plan gets approval, you will be first given a two-year temporary work permit and can apply for a provincial nomination for permanent residence provided you have to meet the conditions of their Business Performance Agreement.

f) Farm Owners and Operators

Experienced Farmers from farming experience who are interested to buy and run a farm in the province are eligible to apply for the SINP category. Applicants below 40 years can apply under a Young Farmer Stream which is a part of this category. The purpose of Young Farm Stream is to allow young farmers to start their farming operation in rural areas of Saskatchewan.

If you meet the requirement of any of the aforementioned categories, you can apply for the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP) and settle in the province permanently. To start your SINP process, speak to our Immigration experts via helpline number +91-7042184185 or send your queries to info@makevisas.com.