How to move to New Zealand and be a permanent resident?

If you have plans to move to New Zealand in 2019 and want to be a permanent resident, it begins with choosing the right visa category. Whether you want to emigrate on study basis, for work, investment or to join your family members, your immigration choice should be crystal clear that would help you in choosing the right visa.

a)  People who want to immigrate for work opportunities

People with a job have immense opportunities depending on the visa they are applying for. There are two popular New Zealand Visa categories – Skilled Migrant Visa (SMC Visa)  and Long-term Skill Shortage Visa which are the pathways to settle in New Zealand.

Skilled Migrant Visa belongs to people who want to reside in New Zealand permanently and have skills and caliber to contribute towards the New Zealand economy. On the other hand, Long Term Skill Shortage Visa is for people whose occupation is available in the Occupation list of New Zealand and are in demand.

b) Long Term Skill Residence Visa is a pathway for permanent residence in New Zealand

This visa permits you to work for 30 months in New Zealand in a position which is going through the shortage of skilled workers. Once you have completed 24 months of working in a job that is in demand, you can apply for a New Zealand permanent residence visa. Even, you get the chance to apply for another temporary work visa.

c) Check out the New Zealand Occupation list

New Zealand Occupation list includes all the occupations that are in demand in the country. The major occupations that have an urgent demand for skilled workers are Job in Construction, Engineering, Finance, and Health and Social Services. If your occupation doesn’t meet the requirements which are required, you can also find numerous pathways to attain a visa through the arts, sports, and entertainment.

d)  Gather all the documents and apply for a visa

If you are done with preparation like whether your occupation is available in the list and you meet the eligibility criteria, the next step would be to collect necessary documents that include a birth certificate, health and medical clearance certificate, employment history, education details and at last, you can submit your visa application either online or by email.  A total of 25 days is taken by New Zealand Immigration office if the file is lodged online and 23 days if the file is lodged through the paper.

e)       Enjoy New Zealand

Some people like to stay temporary before planning to settle permanently to know the environment and surroundings of that area. If you want to settle down permanently in New Zealand , you will be getting the benefits like healthcare facilities, medical facilities, and the right to work and study anywhere in the country. You get the right to travel as many times in and outside the country till the time your visa is valid. Candidates who want to apply for Citizenship need to be a resident for at least five years in the country and have command over the English language to understand the everyday situation.

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