How to Get PR in New Zealand?

New Zealand, the Land of Kiwis is a full package of employment, freedom, and security, making it as the best Immigration destination for expats who want to reside and settle in down there on the permanent basis. Depending on an individual’s eligibility, skills and education credentials, there are numerous visa categories provided by Immigration New Zealand. And, candidates who have an interest in settling down permanently in the country can get plenty of pathways to attain permanent residency visa of New Zealand.

People who are keen to work in the country and are a fruitful resource for the country’s economy, Skilled Migrant Category is the best visa that suits your profile. The ones who have a family connection in NZ and the reason for migration is meeting your family members then Family sponsorship visa programs are suitable for them.

If you want to apply for New Zealand SMC visa, you have to create an expression of interest online that includes all the basic requirements like age, qualification, work experience, employment letter or if you have any close connection in the country. To be eligible to apply for a New Zealand Permanent Residency Visa, you have to score at least 100 points out of 300 on the New Zealand Points System. But, applications are picked at 160 points for an invitation to apply (ITA). Candidates with high points have maximum chances to receive an invitation to apply (ITA).

Check out the process that needs to be followed by applicants if applying under the Skilled Migration Category:

a)  Candidates, who have education outside New Zealand, have to go through the PAR to evaluate education and degrees as per the educational standards of New Zealand. Now, you have to create an expression of interest online including all the required details. Candidates applications are entered into a pool and the ones with high score receive invitation to apply (ITA) to apply for residence visa through Skilled Migrant Category.

b)  Once you get ITA, you can submit the visa application for residence. Normally, Applications with a skilled job offer or NZ’s Master or Ph.D. qualification have the highest chances to receive positive approval and other applications are kept on hold for a year and issued with SMC Job Search visa. If candidates manage to get a secured and permanent job offer in 9 months from the day of their arrival then their applications will be approved, or if they are unable to find a secure job offer in 9 months from arrival it will get declined.

Apart from New Zealand SMC visa, other programs through which you can settle in permanently are investing in the country through business visa or applying for Family Sponsorship visa (if you have relatives living in NZ). If you have plans to immigrate to New Zealand and looking for assistance, you can speak to our experts for assistance and support. Contact us, and clear all your queries. Call on official helpline +91-7042184185 or send your queries to info@makevisas.com.