How to get an Australia Student Visa?

Australian Student visa allows a student to stay in the nation and let you study full-time at educational institution depending on your course. Are you an aspiring student? Do you want to complete your studies in Australia? After USA and UK, Australia stands on 3rd position when it comes to providing quality education in Australia and it is the centre of attraction by overseas students because of friendly environment, numerous study opportunities, and World-class Universities.

If you have plans to study in Australia under Australian Student Visa Subclass 500 , you must meet the key requirements of Australia Student Visa Subclass 500  :

  1. GTE requirements– The Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) requirements state that you have genuine intention to stay in Australia on the temporary basis and will leave Australia after the completion of your study-course. You have no intention to stay in Australia further after the completion of your studies.
  2. Health and character requirements– meeting health and character requirements should be done in order to be eligible to apply for the visa.
  3. English language proficiency requirements– you have to meet the English language exams that are accepted by the Australian Government like IELTS, PTE etc. You have to clear the English language exam in order to show your English language skills.
  4. Financial requirements – you have to submit an evidence that you are financial strong to manage your living in Australia as per the Australian living style.
  5. You should 18 or more than 18 years of age.

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Before applying for the Australian Student Visa Subclass 500, you have to go through the procedure

a) Choose Australian University to study

First of all, you need to choose the best university depending on the course you want to study. While looking for the Universities/colleges, consider the factors like fees, location, and course duration. Once you are done with the education provider, you can apply for the same. While submitting your online application form, you have to submit an English language test and academic documents as well. In most of the colleges, you have to go through the interview sessions with the college persons.  The processing of offer letters takes few processing days.

b) Financial Support

Once you get the offer letter, you need to submit the evidence of financial support covering your living cost, tuition fees, travel cost, and accommodation. If any member is accompanying you, you need to look after their expenses as well. You have to support them financially during your stay.

c) Pay cost and get CoE

Once college accepts your funds, you need to submit the tuition fees for the first six months and you need to get done Overseas Health Insurance Cover (OSHC) insurance.  You will receive the Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) after the acceptance of your offer letter and successful payment of funds by the university. You will get the CoE through email. The CoE means an applicant is eligible to study on a course under the student visa in Australia.

d) Health requirements and character requirements

An applicant has to meet the health requirements. They have to get done the medical exam that lasts for 12 months. The medical exams should be done by the doctors that are approved by the Australian Immigration. You even have to meet the character requirements that mean you have to submit evidence stating that you have a good moral conduct and there was no involvement in any kind of illegal activities in the past.

e) Filing of the visa application

The visa application for Australian Student Visa is lodged online by forming an immi account on official Immigration website of Australia. Firstly, you have to complete a visa application form online. You have to submit all the required documents mentioned in the document checklist of Australian student visa that includes- IELTS score, CoE,  GTE requirement, all the academic documents, passport copy, photographs, ID proofs, work experience (if any), current CV and financial documents. You have to submit all the documents and after that pay your fees of the visa application via Credit card and submit the visa application.  You can stay in Australia until the time your registered course is completed. The visa application fee for Australia Student Visa is $606 regardless of length of the course.

Benefits of Australian Student Visa

  1. It allows you to live in Australia till the completion of your studies.
  2. You can sponsor your family members to join you in Australia during your stay.

Australia Student visa is a complex process as one single mistake can lead to the rejection of your visa application. For availing more information about the process, you can get in touch with the Make Visas, the best Immigration Consultants in India. We deal with the countries like Australia, Canada, and the USA etc. you can reach us by dialing official helpline +91-7042184185 .