How To Choose NOC Code?

Every Occupation in Labour Market of Canada has a four digit code that is assigned by National Occupation Classification. The NOC list is the nationally recognized list of occupations by the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). It defines the skills shortage in the country that they want to acquire from outside of their country.

The jobs in the NOC list is classified in the following types:-

  1. Work done by the person
  2. Job duties

It is one of the best tools for the candidates who are seeking jobs in Canada.

Following are the factor that helps to judge the eligibility of the candidate:-

  1. Skills Required
  2. Requirements for Education
  3. Related occupation
  4. Description of the job

The NOC list is updated every time there is change in the requirements of the country. The candidate need to carry the required experience in the jobs mentioned in the NOC list in order to go further in the immigration process.

Types Of NOC Levels

There are 5 major types of NOC codes that define the type of job Canadian government are looking for in the country. These jobs define the major category and the sub categories that are considered under these major categories.

Following is the type of NOC code:-

  1. Skill Type 0 (zero): management jobs
  2. Mine managers
  3. Store Captains (fishing)
  4. Restaurant Managers
  5. Skill Level A: professional jobs usually requiring a degree from a recognized university
  6. Dentist
  7. Doctors
  8. Architects
  9. Skill Level B: technical jobs and skilled trades requiring the college diploma or training
  10. Plumbers
  11. Electricians
  12. Chefs
  13. Skill Level C: intermediate job requiring the high school qualification or job specific training
  14. Long haul truck drivers
  15. Food and beverages servers
  16. Industrial butchers
  17. Skill Level D: jobs for Labour giving on the job training
  18. Cleaning staff
  19. Oil Field Workers
  20. Fruit Pickers

The immigration programs make use of NOC code to  make a decision if the job type and the concerned work experience meets their eligibility. Skilled jobs are considered under the NOC skill type 0, A or B.

If the job experience of the candidate is under the NOC skill set C or D, following things can be true for those candidates:-

  1. Candidates can immigrate to Canada through Atlantic Immigration Pilot program.
  2. Candidates can work up to 2 years in the country.
  3. Candidates can travel to Canada as a provincial nominee.

How to Pick the Correct NOC Code?

Picking up the correct NOC code is the most vital thing while filing the visa. It is because if it is incorrect then the application can be rejected. It is applicable in both types of visa i.e. Express Entry and Provincial Nominee Program.

As seen in the previous section, every NOC has the assigned job title, lead statement and catalogue of major duties and responsibilities. While a candidate chooses the NOC code, the actual job title and education are not vital. The work experience of the candidates must match the lead statement and they must have performed most part of the duties mentioned. A thing may happen at this stage, the actual work experience which may fall under 2 or more codes. But the candidates need to choose the correct code.

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