Is Your Occupation In-Demand In Australia? Occupations That Can Get You Australian Permanent Residency

The Land of Kangaroos is the best Immigration destination for the migrants across the world. Australia has crafted numerous immigration programs for the individuals, where 190,000 places are only meant for the permanent migrants every year. Majority of the programs are reserved for the talented and proficient professionals who fills the shortage gap and meets the economic need of Australia. Near about 128,000 Permanent Visas are issued to Skilled Migrants who have met skills that are essential for Australian economy.

The Occupations that are high in demand in Australia include occupations of Medical sector especially nurses. Other than Medical sector, the occupations that have high demand are electricians, secondary school, teachers, motor mechanics, metal fitters, carpenters, and joiners. Talking about the year 2018-19, Registered nurses have gotten the benefits. Over 17,300 places belong to the nurses under the Skilled Independent Visa which holds total of 43,990 places. In the Skilled Independent category Subclass 189, you need not to get employer nomination or state/territory government sponsorship to qualify. You are free to work anywhere in Australia without any condition of living in any particular state or regional parts of Australia for the required time.

Is Your Occupation In Demand in Australia? Check Out The Top Six Jobs That Can Proffer Permanent Residency

In the immigration plan for the year 2018-19, there is requirement of 17,322 registered nurses and only 413 people has received the Invitation by Department of Home Affairs to apply for the visa till 11th of September 2018. The rate of applying for the visa in other demand occupations is quite less. There is demand of 9,303 electricians, 8,480 secondary school teachers, joiners 6,979 metal fitters and  machinists 6,099 motor mechanics, and 8,372 carpenters in Australia.

Till 11 September 2018, The Australian Department of Home Affairs has invited 15 electricians, 115 secondary school teachers, 6 carpenters and joiners, 10 motor mechanics and 3 metal fitters and machinists to apply for a visa. Invitation is given by the Department of Home Affairs, when the applicant submits their expression of Interest based on skills and qualifications.

Other than Medical field, Agriculture sector has demand in Australia. As per our specialists, there are certain occupations that still coping with the shortage and have huge demand in Australia. There are about 4,841 places vacant for livestock farmer occupation but still no invitation has been issued by Department of Home Affairs.

South Asian Countries like India, fueling Australia’s immigration intake and majority of Indians are from agriculture field but due to the conditions like qualification and English proficiency, they are unable to apply for Permanent Visa.

As we know, Australia deals with massive shortage of skilled workers, especially in rural and regional areas.  Presently, Australian Agriculture sector is dealing with the shortage of labors, solely for picking. In contrary to shortage gap, occupations like Accountants and Software, attracts huge immigrants. Around 7,200 places are reserved for Software Programmers in the beginning of the year 2018 and about 1,231 applicants have got invitation to apply till 11th September to apply for a visa.

The recent changes in Australian Immigration rules and policies, migration to Australia has gotten little difficult. The threshold limit to apply for Permanent Visa has been shifted to 65 points, and for the In-demand occupations that have more attention of visa applicants, this limit goes up to 80 points. With increasing scrutiny every year, the migration is getting tougher. But, after the appointment of new government, prospective migrants are hoping for leniency and some ease in the Immigration rules.

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