Easiest way to get Canada Express Entry Visa from India

As per the UN Poll, Canada is considered as the immigrant-friendly nation in the world. Overseas nationals who want to make Canada their new home are flooded with numerous visa options. One of the easiest ways to settle down permanently in 6-8 months is the Express Entry Program.

Canada Express Entry program is the online system permits skilled workers who have relevant work experience and qualifications to apply for the permanent residency. PR Visa is a travel document allows a foreign expat to live, work and study in the nation till the time validity of their visa is legally binding. With this visa, one can travel in and outside Canada multiple times without any restrictions. The PR holders can apply for citizenship status.

Canada is the first immigration destination among Indians. Every third Indian aspires to migrate there either on study visa or work visa.  There are several requirements which need to be fulfilled by the candidates in order to apply for the Canada express entry visa from India.

The present score of EE as per the current scenario is 451. Other than CRS score, the applicant must have a Bachelor’s Degree, relevant work experience in their field of occupation, and should have proficient language skills. Once the profile of applicants gets in the pool, rest requirements depend on the province which is chosen by him.

Selection criteria in Express Entry Pool

Once an applicant lodges his express entry application, he needs to apply to a province in order to get a notification of Interest. For instance, Human Capital Priorities Stream is one of the streams available in Ontario province. The foremost requirement of this stream is that an applicant has to apply to the Express Entry. After that, the provincial government of Ontario finds the candidates whose EE score is above 400 in the pool. Once the candidate gets selected, he receives the notification of Interest. The span of 45 days is given to the applicant to apply to the OINP e-filing portal.

A candidate needs to apply first to the Express Entry, and then, to the PNP program if he gets selected.  The application fee to apply to the OINP e-filing portal is 1,500 CAD. Next, provincial nomination certificate or the OINP certificate of nomination is given to the applicant. With this certificate, you can file your IRCC Express Entry application. Additional 600 points are rewarded to the OINP certificate of nomination.  To increase your chances of selection by the OINP, the candidate must have 400 points and a bachelor’s degree.

When a candidate has not applied to the Express Entry Pool?

On the other hand, Manitoba province has a  different application method. This province doesn’t require the need for applying for Express Entry first. You can apply through the MPNP portal by creating an Expression of Interest (EOI) on this website.

The Letter of Advice to Apply is given to the prospective applicants who have the relevant number of points.  After applying for the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP), within the span of 60 days the applicant has to submit his documents and receive the acknowledgment of receipt (AOR) for documents.

The approval letter is given to the candidate if he gets selected and is eligible to apply for the Express Entry. Candidates whose relatives live in Manitoba get selected. You need to have a Manitoba connection either through relatives or have gained education or experience from the province in the past.

If you have any connection with Manitoba, you need to prove it through documents, which include the work experience, the birth certificate, and passport, etc.  The relative must have permanent residency status. Manitoba province has its own point system and as per the point grid, an applicant should be not above 49 years and need to score 60 points to be eligible.

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