Canada- the number one country in the world for providing quality life

As per the US News and World Report, Canada is ranked as the top country in the world 2019 based on the parameter of quality of life. It is for the second successive year in a row when Canada has been ranked as the top country for providing quality of life. The quality of life attribute is examined on the parameters like employment assurance, stable economic background, individual freedom, and ecological quality, etc. In order to make a country fitting for a living, along with wealth, the quality of life also plays an important role.

Canada- the number one country in the world for providing quality life

Every year a survey is run by the US News and World report across the top 80 countries to find out the global ranking based on 75 different parameters of living. In addition to it, around 20, 0000 global citizens have to go through the questions that are related to human living. The citizens have to express their perception of various aspects of living. Canada stands third in the world for overall best country ranking as per the world report and US News where quality of life plays a contribution of 17% in it.

In a bid to decide the country ranking, Quality of life score is decided on the factors like affordable, a good job market, economic stability, cultural diversity, safe,  well-developed public education system and well-developed public health system.

Check out the position of Canada on various parameters:

  1. Canada is the number one country for providing quality of life
  2.  In the aspects of citizenship, Canada stands on the second position
  3. Top third country for education
  4. Fourth best country for parenting
  5. Ranks third for women across the globe
  6. Ranks fourth in the world to provide a comfortable retirement
  7. For the environmental atmosphere, the country holds a ninth position

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