Canada- Best Immigrants destination for Indians

Indians have always been attracted to foreign destinations either for better employment opportunities or for study purposes. It has been surveyed that Indians are one of the highest population who migrates overseas on a higher rate every year. More than half of the section wants to move overseas on a permanent residency visa. But, because of stern and variable Immigration rules and policies, migrating to some nations like the USA, the UK, etc. has become difficult. Speaking of best overseas countries, Canada always has been considered as the top destination and there are copious reasons behind this. So, if you are an Indian and looking forward to migrating overseas, we would suggest you Canada and here, we are with some pointers which are going to help you in making your decision stronger:

There are numerous countries where Indians have been traveling for ages and still doing for better opportunities and a laid-back lifestyle. Nevertheless, when it comes to finding the best nation among them considering the factors like Immigration policies, Endless career options, etc, Canada is by far the best immigration destination for Indians. As per the UN reports, Canada is the best country to live and settle permanently in the world based on Quality of life.

CategoryCanada Ranking


Quality of Life1
Raising  Children Rankings4
Cultural Influence12
Comfortable retirement4

As per the figures mentioned above, it is clearly observed that Canada is by far the best country to live.  Be it for women freedom or education, this country respects every person who comes there. The most intriguing factor is its multicultural society, every people irrespective of creed, race, sex, religion, is welcome here with open arms.

Canada and India not only share cordial relationship but also are in good terms when we talk about political, business, and business ties. Also, a total of 3.6 % of the population In Canada is of Indian origin, therefore, it would be safe to say that Canada is home to millions of Indian origin families.

Many advanced nations either decreasing their annual cut-off or implementing tougher Immigration policies, Canada is the only country welcoming immigrants with true courage. Many Indian communities, social groups, Gurudwaras, temples, etc. amplify Indians who migrate there and even, provide essential facilities in their beginning tenure.

Talking about the nitty-gritty of Canada, the Canadian Government has always been easygoing on immigrants. With every passing year, the Government has made changes in the Immigration process in the good turn of the foreign immigrants. As per the announcements, the government of Canada is to invite one million skilled workers by 2021. Apparently, the government has also planned to assign the fund of $10 million to help new immigrants find a job in Canada.

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