Buck Up yourself for the Australia PR Visa in 2019

It’s not a surprise to see a growth in the number of Permanent residency holders in Australia. Who wouldn’t like to be part of a nation that has a strong economy and leads a balanced lifestyle? People across the world considered this Kangaroo land as their perfect Immigration goal. Rewarding employment opportunities, top-notch Universities, world-class infrastructure are few attributes that allure the immigrants. For the past decade, there is an immense hike in intake of Immigrants and this increase is getting escalated every year.

However, prior making Australia your new home, you need to understand the process involved and what all means and methods are required to increase your chances of migrating to Australia as a permanent resident.

Now, take a look at the benefits of migrating to Australia:

a) After getting the status of permanent residency holder, you get the right to live and work in Oz for the indefinite period of time. You can travel in and outside the country until the time your visa is valid.
b) There are a plethora of entitlements given to the PR holder, ranging from free medical facilities to education to social and security benefits (after residing for two years). You are also entitled to go for educational loans. Such loans are helpful for smooth-running your financial requirements and sustaining your daily expenses.
c) With PR Visa, you get the right to work anywhere with any employer in Australia without any obligations and limitations. Though, you are not eligible to work in government jobs and armed forces which are directly provided to citizens only.
d) Children of Permanent residency holders born in Australia by default get the citizenship status.

How can you apply for the Australian Permanent Residency?

You can choose any of Australia PR Visa Category you wish to apply for under the Australian Immigration model. There are three visa categories through which you can apply for which are given as follow:
• Skilled Independent Visa Subclass 189
• Skilled Nominated Visa Subclass 190
• Skilled Regional Provisional Visa Subclass 489

a) One has to know that every visa category has its own terms and requirements. So, choose your option astutely. After that, you have to find out that your occupation is available on the Skilled Occupation List (SOL). Before proceeding further for Australian PR process, you have to ensure that your occupation is available on the SOL List.

b) In the next step, you have to calculate your points on Australia’s points calculator and you have to attain the minimum score which is 65 out of 100. The points are being examined on the factors like age, qualification, work experience, educational qualifications, English language ability etc.
c) You have to get your skill assessment done by an accessing authority. It is done to assure that your education qualification and work experience is associated with your nominated occupation.

d) It is known as the documentation stage where you have to assemble all your documents related to age, qualification, IELTS score, employment letter etc. You have to be careful while going through this stage as it might hamper or increase your chances of getting an ITA.

e) You have to show your intentions to live and work in Australia by submitting an EOI (Expression of Interest) via the Skill Select system.

f) Depending on the information you give in your previous stage, there is no confirmation whether you will receive an ITA. The result entirely depends on the judgment of the Immigration officer. Once an ITA is received, you have to pay PR fees and to complete other official procedure within the span of 60 days.

The filing process of Australia PR is done as per the aforementioned procedure. However, you are advised to consult the Immigration consultants to attain the full-fledged information. You can call on official helpline +91-7042184185 or drop down your queries at info@makevisas.com.