Benefits of applying to QSWP over Canada Express Entry

Quebec invites skilled workers under ‘Regular Skilled Worker Program’ or more commonly Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP). Aspirants can settle permanently in the province by applying to this program.

The Quebec has recently announced new expression of Interest (EOI) portal for skilled worker program which is also called as arrima portal. With this skilled worker can easily apply to permanent residency online through QSWP. The Expression of Interest is valid for 12 months from the date it was granted.

What are the Benefits of applying to QSWP?

  1. Fast and smooth processing of application as compared to other Canada provinces.
  2. Occupations such as IT and Software Professionals, Management professionals, Accountants, Nurses, Civil Engineer, Electrical and Electronic Engineer, and Mechanical Engineers.
  3. No need of Educational Credential Assessment to apply for the QSWP.
  4. Very low score in IELTS i.e. CLB 5 in each of the sections (Writing, reading, speaking, Listening).
  5. No maintenance of fund is not compulsory to maintain as it was compulsory in case of Express Entry.
  6. Work experience is not relevant if you are applying for the education
  7. There is no obligation of knowing French language but if you know the language it would be ad on advantage.
  8. In total 50 points are demanded by the program for the single applicants whereas for couples it is 59 points.
  9. Quebec also accepts applications from non-recognized universities if they complete eligible criteria.
  10. There will be addition of extra points for accompanying child.

What are the requirements of Quebec skilled worker program?

To be eligible for the Quebec skilled worker program, the candidates must fulfill the minimum requirements. The selection factors include-

  1. Age should be between 18 to 40 years.
  2. Minimum secondary level education to doctorate level.
  3. At least one year of work experience in your profile.
  4. Language proficiency in English (minimum CLB 5) or French (minimum B2/C1/C2 level)
  5. Financial status which display your capacity to spend a living in Canada.
  6. Family member eligibility if they are accompanying the candidates in the application.

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