Australians believe Immigrants are good for economy

Australia is the most loving immigration destination designated by overseas immigrants. And, as per the new report published by Monash University, 85% of the Australian citizens are happy with the intake of Immigrants. They believe that multicultural society is good for the nation and immigrants to help in raising the economy of the country.

The recent report is totally on the Australian citizens and their take on diversity. The topics like political trust, favoritism, immigration, multiculturalism, and others were part of it. The report has been disclosed by the Scanlon Foundation titled “11th Mapping Social Cohesion Paper”. As per the report, the conclusion has been drawn that only less number of Australian want a drop off in Immigration. Most of the people depict that the current intake is either enough or low. Almost 64% of the participants mentioned that the immigrants should change their behavior for becoming like them. Eight out of ten immigrants believe that immigrants are good for society and help in bringing new culture and ideas in the society.

David Coleman, the Immigration, Citizenship and Multicultural Affairs Minister said that Australia is proud of its immigration history. The part played by the immigrants is highly appreciable and the important point is contribution is made by the immigrants, not by their native country, he further added. He also revealed the other factor behind the success is the commitment of new citizens for the communal values. Irrespective of the creed, race, nationality or cultural background, there is an equal opportunity to everyone who lives in the country.

David Coleman said that they will continue the intake of immigrants to raise the success of multiculturalism. It could be done by emphasizing on an Immigration based on skills and experience to meet the needs of the Australia economy. 74% of Australians have agreed to the fact that the immigrants from diverse nationalities get along well together.

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