10 Most In-Demand Occupations in Australia

Are you a fresh graduate, who is looking for job opportunities to kick start your career? Or a skilled worker who is open to new challenges and outshine? Whatever would be the reason, the land of opportunities, Australia, is your ideal destination.

Australia is the favorite destination among foreigners who are open for new opportunities and want to live a developed and balanced life. As per the reports circulated by the Department of Jobs and Small Business, healthcare and social assistance Industries are going to soar in the coming five years. If you have plans to immigrate to Australia for the job purpose or settlement plans are there, you have to make sure that your occupation has high demand in the country. Go through the jobs that are outshining in the year 2019 in Australia. If you’re the practitioner of any of the below-mentioned jobs, chances are there to grab an Australian visa:

a) Software Programmer

There are no hidden secrets, why there is a huge demand for app developers in Australia. Since, we are living in the app generation world, where all the things are done with the one click on the Smartphone, the need of a programmer who can program codes and languages such as C++. Java and ORACLE is a must. The annual salary of Software programmers is AU$44,150 TO AU$94,864.

b) Registered Nurse

It is one of the high demanding jobs in the country and will always be in demand. As licensed medical practitioners, registered nurses have the responsibility of assisting doctors and looking after patients. They execute diagnostic tests, analyze test results, record the symptoms, medical histories of the patient, and administer medications as ordered by the doctor.
The annual salary of Registered Nurses is AU$49,536 to AU$84,978.

c) General Clerk

Duties of clerks vary depending on the Industry, but their main job duties include a bulk of administrative tasks, answering phone calls, setting up appointments, filing documents and copying documentation. In marketing businesses, the role of a general clerk is to process daily orders, to conduct a catalog check from time to time and look after the arrangement of payments. The annual salary of a clerk is AU$35,131 to AU$54,437.

d) Truck Driver

The annual salary of Truck Driver is AU$34,536 to AU$55,641. And, their job contains planning routes and transporting goods from the manufacturing plant to retailers using trailer trucks. To apply for this job, you need to acquire a truck license.

e) Public Relations Officer

The annual salary of Public Relations Officer is AU$39,583 to AU$75,460. You should be the holder of a Bachelor’s degree in public relations, advertising, and marketing.

f) Daycare worker/Childcare

This profession holds the responsibilities of supervising and monitoring kids in the absence of their parents. It includes preparing meals and does the dishes. If the worker is assigned with an infant, the role of changing nappies as well as feeding vitamins also comes along. The annual salary of Childcare is AU$35,974 TO AU$55,013.

g) General Sales Assistant

The annual salary of a Sales Assistant is AU$35,281 to AU$53,092. The job duties of comes under this profession are to maintain a high level of customer service by assisting the clients, the role of aiding clients to choose from various sets of goods.

h) Aged Care Worker

This job demands kindhearted care to the elderly including feeding, dressing, and showering them. You have to look after their medicine and need to accompany them on their tasks such as meeting doctors for health check-ups. The annual salary is AU$37,618 to AU$55,627.

I) Application Developer

This job belongs to the ones who know to code and also capable of doing tasks like review maintaining systems, writing manuals, and conducting program tests. All the applicants who have a Bachelor in IT degree are eligible to apply for this job. The annual salary is AU$44,150 to AU$ 94,864.

J) Teacher’s Aide

Teacher’s aide helps teachers to plan the lessons as well as to schedule tasks, in and outside the classroom. The annual salary is AU$31,564 to AU$57,361.

Above-mentioned careers are high in-demand in 2019 in Australia. If you have plans to move forward to Australia for work purpose or to settle permanently there, you can take a consultant from the professionals who are always there to assist you. For more information, feel free to call on +91-7042184185 or write down your queries at info@makevisas.com.