What is the living cost in Australia

Australia is perhaps one of the best countries to travel, work and live. Australia high living standard has attracted a good amount of individuals around the world to experience the living with unprecedented facilities and amenities. When you are residing in Australia with an Australian PR or any student or work visa, then you must also comply with basic funds requirement as determined by the Australian government. Australia’s living cost, when compared to USA and UK is much lesser.

Accommodation Cost

The first step when you got visa, is to book a home to live and settle while operating in the Australia vicinity. The accommodation living cost may vary according to the region or place you have chosen to live. Regions like Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane are quite expensive and offer good ambience to live.

  1. Hostels and Guesthouses: Cost of living in hostels and guesthouse is 90$ to 150$ per week.
  2. Shared rental: 85$ to 225$ per week is necessary
  3. On campus: 90$ to $280 per week is necessary.
  4. Homestay: $235 to $325 per week is necessary.
  5. Rental: $165 to $440 per week is necessary.
  6. Boarding School: $11,000 to $22,000 per annum is necessary.

Monthly Cost of Living in Australia

The monthly cost of living in Australia includes things as follows:

  1. Groceries and eating out: $80 to $280 per week including vegetables, fruits, meat, other eatables etc.
  2. Clothing: $80 to $170 depending upon whether you are purchasing branded clothes or ordinary one.
  3. Transportation: $15 to $55 per week including public transport tickets, taxi trips etc.
  4. Gas and electricity: $35 to $140
  5. Entertainment: $80 to $150 per week includes movie tickets, dinner for two, gym membership, cocktail drinks in the pub etc.
  6. Phone and broadband connections: $25 to $55 per week depending upon your daily usage of internet etc
  7. Car expenses (after buying): $150 to $260 per week which include maintenance, fuel, services etc.

Cost of Living for one in Australia

If you are planning to live in Australia alone, then before that, you need to know the basic cost of living in Australia. The cost which an individual requires is $20,290 for a year. Once you start living in Australia and passes a two year time period, you may receive social advantages of living in Australia.

Cost of Living for Indians in Australia

When it comes to Indians, Australia becomes a quiet expensive country to live. The average disposable salary in Australia is 8 time more than India and food expenses is 6 times more than India. So comparatively the cost of living for an Indian is very high especially for middle class and upper middle class. Before coming to Australia, you should maintain sufficient funds to sustain a living.

Cost of living for International students

The estimated cost realized for an international students who plan to study in Australia is AUD$18,610. This price includes all cost like accommodation, travel, transportation, food, clothing, telephone charges etc. Students are also allowed to work for 40 hours per fortnight, so that they could meet their additional expenses.

Cost of Living for a family in Australia

Australia also provides the option to live with the family under certain visas, under which the applicant who is coming with family have to support their living by showcasing eligible funds to Australian government. The budget for a family of four is nearly around AUD2800 to AUD3200 per month. Mainly it depends upon yourself on how you manage your funds and establish your daily expenditure limit.

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