Western Australia Occupation List – WASMOL 2018

Western Australia Occupation List 2018 consists of all the occupations that require specialist and have high demand in Western Australia 2018. It is an integral part of Western Australia state nomination under Australian immigration.

Western Australia is a State occupying the entire Western third of Australia. The economy here is driven by extraction and processing to a large extent due to the diverse range of mineral and petroleum commodities found here. Due to the recent growth in the resource sector in the recent year, there are have been shortages of labor and skills and therefore to fulfill the requirement the state government has encouraged interstate and overseas immigration. Western Australia’s largest as well as capital city is Perth. As part of Perth’s role as the capital of Western Australia, the state’s Parliament and Supreme Court are located within the city, as is Government House, the residence of the Governor of Western Australia.

Applicants can apply for Western Australia State Nomination using the Subclass 190 visa and Subclass 489 visa, if they have an occupation mentioned on the Western Australia Occupation List  2018.

Applicants must check the status of their occupation listed on the Western Australia Occupation List (WASMOL) 2018 to confirm if it is currently accessible on the Western Australia State Nomination.

Western Australia Occupation List (WASMOL) 2018 is shown below:


ANZSCO CODESkilled OccupationEligible VisasAssessing authorityStatus
190 visa489 visa
251214SonographerYes yesASMIRTAvailable
253111General PracticionerYesMedical Board of AustraliaAvailable
253316GastroenterologistYesYesMedical Board of AustraliaAvailable
253323RheumatologistYesYesMedical Board of AustraliaAvailable
253411PsychiatristYesYesMedical Board of AustraliaAvailable
253513NeurosurgeonYesYesMedical Board of AustraliaAvailable
253515OtorhinolaryngologistYesYesMedical Board of AustraliaAvailable
253521Vascular surgeonYesYesMedical Board of AustraliaAvailable
253913Obstetrician and GynaecologistYesYesMedical Board of AustraliaAvailable
2539 18Radiation OncologistYesYesMedical Board of AustraliaAvailable
254413Registered Nurse (Child and family Health)YesANMACAvailable
254114Registered Nurse ( Community Health)YesANMACAvailable
254115Registered Nurse (Critical Nurse and Emergency)YesANMACAvailable
254422Registered Nurse (Mental Health)YesANMACAvailable
254423Registered Nurse (perioperative) YesANMACAvailable

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