NSW Stream 1 & 2 Invitation

The New South Wales Stream 1 and Stream 2 Invitation program invites the candidates who have received the nomination from the state or territory government of New South Wales.  For being able to receive the invitation, you have to get the good score, as well as your occupation, should be on the occupation list of NSW.

The New South Wales Government nominates those candidates who have nomination under Skilled Nominated Visa Subclass 190 and Skilled Regional Provisional Visa Subclass 489. The selection process is vying and the candidates with the highest ranking will be invited first. If your occupation is high in demand and you have adequate work experience in that occupation then, your chances of selection get higher.

The New South Wales Stream Invitation under Subclass 190 visa

a) Stream 1

The candidate whose occupation is on the NSW occupation list of Skilled Nominated Visa Subclass 190 visa comes under this category. You will get an additional 5 points in your overall points score. You must have the nomination from state/territory government to apply under this stream.

check out the NSW 190 occupation list here:

ANZSCO CodeNominated OccupationField
133111Construction Project ManagerOther
133211Engineering ManagerOther
134111Child Care Centre ManagerEducation
134212Nursing Clinical DirectorHealth
134214Welfare Centre ManagerHealth
221111Accountant (General)Business & Finance
221112Management AccountantBusiness & Finance
221113Taxation AccountantBusiness & Finance
221213External AuditorBusiness & Finance
221214Internal AuditorBusiness & Finance
224111ActuaryBusiness & Finance
224511Land EconomistOther
224711Management ConsultantBusiness & Finance
232112Landscape ArchitectEngineers
233111Chemical EngineerEngineers
233211Civil EngineerEngineers
233212Geotechnical EngineerEngineers
233213Quantity SurveyorEngineers
233214Structural EngineerEngineers
233215Transport EngineerEngineers
233311Electrical EngineerEngineers
233411Electronics EngineerEngineers
233511Industrial EngineerEngineers
233512Mechanical EngineerEngineers
233513Production or Plant EngineerEngineers
233911Aeronautical EngineerEngineers
233913Biomedical EngineerEngineers
233915Environmental EngineerEngineers
233916Naval ArchitectEngineers
234112Agricultural ScientistScience
234611Medical Laboratory ScientistScience
234914Physicist (medical physicist only)Science
241111Early Childhood (Pre-Primary School) TeacherEducation
241411Secondary School TeacherEducation
251211Medical Diagnostic RadiographerHealth
251212Medical Radiation TherapistHealth
251213Nuclear Medicine TechnologistHealth
252411Occupational TherapistHealth
253912Emergency Medicine SpecialistHealth
253917Diagnostic and Interventional RadiologistHealth
254412Registered Nurse (Aged Care)Health
254413Registered Nurse (Child and Family Health)Health
254414Registered Nurse (Community Health)Health
254415Registered Nurse (Critical Care and Emergency)Health
254417Registered Nurse (Disability and Rehabilitation)Health
254418Registered Nurse (Medical)Health
254421Registered Nurse (Medical Practice)Health
254422Registered Nurse (Mental Health)Health
254423Registered Nurse (Perioperative)Health
254424Registered Nurse (Surgical)Health
254425Registered Nurse (Paediatric)Health
254499Registered Nurses necHealth
261111ICT business AnalystICT
261112Systems AnalystICT
261311Analyst ProgrammerICT
261312Developer ProgrammerICT
261313Software EngineerICT
262112ICT Security SpecialistICT
263111Computer Network and Systems EngineerICT
263311Telecommunications EngineerICT
263312Telecommunications Network EngineerICT
271111BarristerBusiness & Finance
271311SolicitorBusiness & Finance
272311Clinical PsychologistSocial & Welfare Professionals
272312Educational PsychologistSocial & Welfare Professionals
272399Psychologists necHealth
272511Social WorkerSocial & Welfare Professionals
312211Civil Engineering DraftspersonEngineers
312212Civil Engineering TechnicianEngineers
312311Electrical Engineering DraftspersonEngineers
312312Electrical Engineering TechnicianEngineers
321111Automotive ElectricianAutomotive Trades
321211Motor Mechanic (General)Automotive Trades
321212Diesel Motor MechanicAutomotive Trades
321213Motorcycle MechanicAutomotive Trades
321214Small Engine MechanicAutomotive Trades
322211Sheetmetal Trades WorkerMetal Trades
322311Metal FabricatorMetal Trades
322313Welder (First Class)Metal Trades
323211Fitter (General)Metal Trades
323212Fitter and TurnerMetal Trades
323213Fitter-WelderMetal Trades
323214Metal Machinist (First Class)Metal Trades
323313LocksmithMetal Trades
324111PanelbeaterAutomotive Trades
331111BricklayerBuilding Trades
331112StonemasonBuilding Trades
331211Carpenter and JoinerBuilding Trades
331212CarpenterBuilding Trades
331213JoinerBuilding Trades
332211Painting trades workersBuilding Trades
333211Fibrous PlastererBuilding Trades
333212Solid PlastererBuilding Trades
333411Wall and Floor TilerBuilding Trades
334111Plumber (General)Building Trades
334112Airconditioning and Mechanical Services PlumberBuilding Trades
334113DrainerBuilding Trades
334114GasfitterBuilding Trades
334115Roof plumberBuilding Trades
341111Electrician (General)Building Trades
341113Lift MechanicBuilding Trades
342111Airconditioning and Refrigeration MechanicBuilding Trades
342212Technical Cable JointerOther
342313Electronic Equipment Trades WorkerOther
351111BakerTourism & Hospitality
Chef (excludes positions in Fast Food or Takeaway Food
Service)Tourism & Hospitality
394111CabinetmakerBuilding Trades
411411Enrolled NurseHealth

b) Stream 2

Under the Stream 2, The candidates who have a high ranking score and their occupation is on the skilled occupation list of Australia where there is high labor market demand, are eligible to apply.  The candidates will be selected on the factors like occupation, English language proficiency, skilled employment and the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) points score.

The New South Wales Stream Invitation for Subclass 489 visa

The candidate whose occupation is on the NSW occupation list of subclass 489 visa comes under this stream. You will be given an additional ten points in your overall points score. You must get the nomination from the Government of regional areas of NSW under this stream.


Check out the NSW 489 occupation list here:

ANZSCO CodeOccupationRegion
121111Aquaculture FarmerMurrayNorthern RiversSouthern Inland
121211Cotton GrowerRiverinaMurrayOrana
121212Flower GrowerNorthern Rivers
121213Fruit or Nut GrowerRiverinaMurrayOranaMid North Coast
121214Grain, Oilseed or Pasture GrowerRiverinaMurrayOrana
121215Grape GrowerRiverinaMurrayOranaSouthern Inland
121216Mixed Crop FarmerRiverinaFar South CoastMurrayNorthern RiversOranaSouthern Inland
121221Vegetable GrowerRiverinaMurray
121299Crop Farmers necRiverinaMurrayNorthern RiversOranaMid North Coast
121311ApiaristRiverinaOranaSouthern Inland
121312Beef Cattle FarmerRiverinaFar South CoastOrana
121313Dairy Cattle FarmerFar South CoastOrana
121314Deer FarmerOrana
121315Goat FarmerOrana
121316Horse BreederOranaSouthern Inland
121317Mixed Livestock FarmerRiverinaFar South CoastMurrayOrana
121318Pig FarmerMurraySouthern Inland
121321Poultry FarmerRiverinaFar South CoastMurraySouthern Inland
121322Sheep FarmerMurrayOrana
121399Livestock Farmers necMurrayOrana
121411Mixed Crop and Livestock FarmerRiverinaFar South CoastMurrayOranaSouthern InlandCentral West
132511Research and Development ManagerNorthern Rivers
133111Construction Project ManagerRiverinaFar South CoastMurrayOrana
133112Project BuilderNorthern RiversOrana
133211Engineering ManagerOrana
133512Production Manager (Manufacturing)RiverinaFar South CoastOrana
133513Production Manager (Mining)Orana
133611Supply and Distribution ManagerOrana
134111Child Care Centre ManagerFar South CoastOranaSouthern Inland
134211Medical AdministratorOrana
134212Nursing Clinical DirectorMurrayOrana
134213Primary Health Organisation ManagerMurrayOrana
134214Welfare Centre ManagerOrana
134299Health and Welfare Services Managers necFar South CoastOrana
139912Environmental ManagerOranaSouthern Inland
141111Cafe or Restaurant ManagerRiverinaFar South CoastNorthern RiversOrana
141211Caravan Park and Camping Ground ManagerMurrayOrana
141311Hotel or Motel ManagerFar South CoastOrana
141999Accommodation and Hospitality Managers necFar South CoastMurrayOrana
149112Fitness Centre ManagerNorthern Rivers
149212Customer Service ManagerRiverina
149311Conference and Event OrganiserOrana
149413Transport Company ManagerFar South CoastOranaSouthern Inland
149913Facilities ManagerOrana
212312Director (Film, Television, Radio or Stage)Northern Rivers
212314Film and Video EditorNorthern Rivers
212318Video ProducerNorthern Rivers
221111Accountant (General)RiverinaFar South CoastOranaSouthern Inland
221112Management AccountantOrana
221113TaXation AccountantOrana
221213EXternal AuditorOrana
221214Internal AuditorOrana
223111Human Resource AdviserNorthern Rivers
224113StatisticianFar South Coast
224711Management ConsultantNorthern RiversSouthern Inland
225112Market Research AnalystRiverina
225113Marketing SpecialistRiverinaMid North Coast
232111ArchitectFar South CoastMurrayOrana
232212SurveyorFar South CoastMurrayOrana
232214Other Spatial ScientistOrana
232313Jewellery DesignerOrana
232411Graphic DesignerNorthern Rivers
232511Interior DesignerFar South Coast
232611Urban and Regional PlannerRiverinaFar South CoastOranaSouthern Inland
233111Chemical EngineerOrana
233112Materials EngineerOrana
233211Civil EngineerRiverinaOranaSouthern InlandCentral West
233212Geotechnical EngineerMurrayOrana
233213Quantity SurveyorFar South CoastMurrayOrana
233214Structural EngineerMurrayOranaSouthern Inland
233215Transport EngineerMurrayOrana
233311Electrical EngineerRiverinaOranaSouthern Inland
233411Electronics EngineerOrana
233511Industrial EngineerRiverinaOrana
233512Mechanical EngineerRiverinaOrana
233513Production or Plant EngineerOrana
233611Mining Engineer (Excluding Petroleum)Orana
233912Agricultural EngineerMurrayNorthern RiversOranaSouthern Inland
233913Biomedical EngineerOrana
233914Engineering TechnologistRiverinaOrana
233915Environmental EngineerOrana
233999Engineering Professionals necOrana
234111Agricultural ConsultantOranaSouthern Inland
234112Agricultural ScientistMurrayNorthern RiversOrana
234211ChemistFar South Coast
234212Food TechnologistRiverinaOrana
234213Wine MakerRiverinaFar South CoastOrana
234311Conservation OfficerOrana
234312Environmental ConsultantOrana
234313Environmental Research ScientistOrana
234399Environmental Scientists necFar South CoastOrana
234511Life Scientist (General)Orana
234516Marine BiologistFar South Coast
234599Life Scientists necOrana
234611Medical Laboratory ScientistOrana
234711VeterinarianRiverinaFar South CoastNorthern RiversOranaMid North Coast
241111Early Childhood (Pre-Primary School) TeacherRiverinaFar South CoastMurrayOranaMid North Coast
241213Primary School TeacherMurrayOranaSouthern Inland
241311Middle School TeacherMurrayOrana
241411Secondary School TeacherMurrayOranaSouthern Inland
241511Special Needs TeacherFar South CoastMurrayOranaSouthern Inland
241512Teacher of the Hearing ImpairedOrana
241513Teacher of the Sight ImpairedOrana
241599Special Education Teachers necMurrayOranaSouthern Inland
242111University LecturerFar South CoastNorthern RiversOrana
242211Vocational Education Teacher (Trades)Orana
249311Teacher of English to Speakers of Other LanguagesFar South CoastOrana
251211Medical Diagnostic RadiographerFar South CoastMurrayOranaSouthern Inland
251212Medical Radiation TherapistMurrayOranaSouthern Inland
251213Nuclear Medicine TechnologistFar South CoastMurrayOranaSouthern Inland
251214SonographerFar South CoastMurrayOrana
251311Environmental Health OfficerFar South CoastOrana
251312Occupational Health and Safety AdviserOrana
251411OptometristFar South CoastMurray
251511Hospital PharmacistFar South Coast
251513Retail PharmacistFar South CoastNorthern RiversMid North Coast
252112OsteopathFar South CoastOrana
252211AcupuncturistFar South CoastOrana
252213NaturopathFar South CoastOrana
252214Traditional Chinese Medicine PractitionerFar South CoastOranaSouthern Inland
252299Complementary Health Therapists necFar South CoastOrana
252311Dental SpecialistFar South CoastMurrayOrana
252312DentistFar South CoastMurrayOranaSouthern Inland
252411Occupational TherapistFar South CoastMurrayOranaSouthern InlandMid North Coast
252511PhysiotherapistRiverinaFar South CoastMurrayOranaSouthern InlandMid North Coast
252611PodiatristFar South CoastMurrayOranaSouthern Inland
252711AudiologistFar South CoastOrana
252712Speech PathologistFar South CoastOrana
253111General PractitionerRiverinaFar South CoastMurrayOranaSouthern InlandMid North Coast
253112Resident Medical OfficerMurray
253211AnaesthetistFar South CoastMurray
253311Specialist Physician (General Medicine)Murray
253312CardiologistFar South Coast
253313Clinical Haematologist
253314Medical OncologistFar South Coast
253315EndocrinologistFar South Coast
253316GastroenterologistFar South Coast
253317Intensive Care SpecialistRiverina
253318NeurologistFar South Coast
253321PaediatricianFar South Coast
253322Renal Medicine SpecialistRiverinaFar South Coast
253324Thoracic Medicine Specialist
253399Specialist Physicians necMurray
253411PsychiatristRiverinaFar South CoastMurrayMid North Coast
253511Surgeon (General)Far South Coast
253512Cardiothoracic Surgeon
253513NeurosurgeonFar South Coast
253514Orthopaedic SurgeonFar South Coast
253516Paediatric SurgeonFar South Coast
253518UrologistFar South Coast
253521Vascular Surgeon
253912Emergency Medicine SpecialistRiverinaFar South CoastMurraySouthern InlandMid North Coast
253913Obstetrician and GynaecologistRiverinaFar South CoastMurraySouthern Inland
253914OphthalmologistMurraySouthern Inland
253915PathologistFar South CoastMurraySouthern Inland
253917Diagnostic and Interventional RadiologistFar South CoastMurraySouthern Inland
253999Medical Practitioners necRiverinaFar South CoastMurraySouthern Inland
254111MidwifeRiverinaFar South CoastMurrayOranaSouthern InlandCentral West
254211Nurse EducatorFar South CoastOrana
254212Nurse ResearcherFar South CoastOrana
254311Nurse ManagerFar South CoastOrana
254411Nurse PractitionerRiverinaMurrayOranaSouthern Inland
254412Registered Nurse (Aged Care)RiverinaFar South CoastMurrayNorthern RiversOranaSouthern InlandCentral WestMid North Coast
254413Registered Nurse (Child and Family Health)Far South CoastMurrayOranaSouthern Inland
254414Registered Nurse (Community Health)Far South CoastMurrayOranaSouthern Inland
254415Registered Nurse (Critical Care and Emergency)RiverinaFar South CoastMurrayNorthern RiversOranaSouthern InlandCentral WestMid North Coast
254416Registered Nurse (Developmental Disability)RiverinaOrana
254417Registered Nurse (Disability and Rehabilitation)RiverinaFar South CoastMurrayOranaSouthern InlandMid North Coast
254418Registered Nurse (Medical)RiverinaFar South CoastMurrayNorthern RiversOranaSouthern InlandMid North Coast
254421Registered Nurse (Medical Practice)Far South CoastMurrayNorthern RiversOranaSouthern Inland
254422Registered Nurse (Mental Health)RiverinaFar South CoastMurrayNorthern RiversOranaSouthern Inland
254423Registered Nurse (Perioperative)RiverinaFar South CoastMurrayOranaSouthern InlandMid North Coast
254424Registered Nurse (Surgical)RiverinaFar South CoastMurrayNorthern RiversOranaSouthern InlandMid North Coast
254425Registered Nurse (Paediatric)RiverinaFar South CoastMurrayOranaSouthern Inland
254499Registered Nurses necRiverinaFar South CoastMurrayNorthern RiversOranaSouthern InlandCentral WestMid North Coast
261111ICT business AnalystRiverina
261211Multimedia SpecialistNorthern Rivers
261311Analyst ProgrammerCentral West
261312Developer ProgrammerCentral West
261313Software EngineerFar South Coast
261399Software and Applications Programmers necNorthern Rivers
262113Systems AdministratorRiverina
263111Computer Network and Systems EngineerCentral West
263112Network AdministratorRiverina
263212ICT Support EngineerRiverina
272111Careers CounsellorOrana
272112Drug and Alcohol CounsellorRiverinaOrana
272113Family and Marriage CounsellorMurrayOrana
272114Rehabilitation CounsellorOrana
272115Student CounsellorOrana
272199Counsellors necFar South CoastOrana
272311Clinical PsychologistRiverinaFar South CoastOranaSouthern Inland
272312Educational PsychologistFar South CoastOrana
272313Organisational PsychologistOrana
272314PsychotherapistFar South CoastOranaSouthern Inland
272399Psychologists necFar South CoastMurrayOranaSouthern Inland
272412InterpreterFar South CoastOrana
272413TranslatorFar South CoastOrana
272499Social Professionals necOrana
272511Social WorkerRiverinaFar South CoastOranaSouthern InlandMid North Coast
272611Community Arts WorkerOrana
272612Recreation OfficerOrana
272613Welfare WorkerRiverinaFar South CoastOranaSouthern InlandCentral WestMid North Coast
311111Agricultural TechnicianRiverinaFar South CoastNorthern RiversOranaSouthern Inland
311211Anaesthetic TechnicianFar South Coast
311213Medical Laboratory TechnicianFar South Coast
311214Operating Theatre TechnicianFar South Coast
311216Pathology Collector (Aus) / Phlebotomist (NZ)RiverinaFar South Coast
311299Medical Technicians necFar South Coast
311312Meat InspectorFar South Coast
311399Primary Products Inspectors necRiverinaNorthern RiversMid North Coast
312111Architectural DraftspersonFar South CoastNorthern Rivers
312113Building InspectorFar South Coast
312114Construction EstimatorRiverinaMurrayOrana
312116Surveying or Spatial Science TechnicianOrana
312199Architectural, Building and Surveying Technicians necOrana
312211Civil Engineering DraftspersonRiverinaOrana
312212Civil Engineering TechnicianMurrayOrana
312311Electrical Engineering DraftspersonOrana
312312Electrical Engineering TechnicianMurrayNorthern RiversOrana
312511Mechanical Engineering DraftspersonOrana
312512Mechanical Engineering TechnicianRiverinaOrana
312611Safety InspectorOrana
312911Maintenance PlannerOrana
312912Metallurgical or Materials TechnicianOrana
312913Mine DeputyOrana
312999Building and Engineering Technicians necOrana
313112ICT Customer Support OfficerRiverinaNorthern Rivers
321111Automotive ElectricianFar South CoastMurrayOranaSouthern InlandMid North Coast
321211Motor Mechanic (General)RiverinaFar South CoastMurrayNorthern RiversOranaSouthern InlandMid North Coast
321212Diesel Motor MechanicRiverinaFar South CoastMurrayNorthern RiversOranaSouthern InlandCentral WestMid North Coast
321213Motorcycle MechanicFar South Coast
321214Small Engine MechanicFar South CoastSouthern Inland
322113FarrierFar South CoastOrana
322211Sheetmetal Trades WorkerRiverinaFar South CoastMurrayOranaSouthern InlandMid North Coast
322311Metal FabricatorRiverinaFar South CoastMurrayNorthern RiversOranaSouthern Inland
322312Pressure WelderOranaSouthern Inland
322313Welder (First Class)RiverinaFar South CoastMurrayOranaSouthern InlandMid North Coast
323211Fitter (General)RiverinaFar South CoastMurrayOranaSouthern InlandMid North Coast
323212Fitter and TurnerFar South CoastMurrayNorthern RiversOranaSouthern Inland
323213Fitter-WelderRiverinaFar South CoastMurrayOranaSouthern InlandMid North Coast
323214Metal Machinist (First Class)RiverinaFar South CoastMurrayOranaSouthern Inland
323299Metal Fitters and Machinists necRiverinaFar South CoastOranaSouthern Inland
323313LocksmithFar South CoastOrana
323314Precision Instrument Maker and RepairerOrana
324111PanelbeaterFar South CoastMurrayOranaSouthern Inland
324211Vehicle Body BuilderOrana
324212Vehicle TrimmerOrana
324311Vehicle PainterFar South CoastOrana
331111BricklayerRiverinaFar South CoastMurrayOranaSouthern Inland
331112StonemasonRiverinaFar South CoastMurrayNorthern RiversOrana
331211Carpenter and JoinerFar South CoastOranaSouthern Inland
331212CarpenterFar South CoastMurrayOranaSouthern Inland
331213JoinerFar South CoastMurrayOranaSouthern Inland
332111Floor FinisherFar South CoastOrana
332211Painting trades workersFar South CoastNorthern RiversOrana
333111GlazierFar South CoastOrana
333211Fibrous PlastererFar South CoastOrana
333212Solid PlastererRiverinaFar South CoastOrana
333311Roof TilerFar South CoastOrana
333411Wall and Floor TilerRiverinaFar South CoastMurrayOrana
334111Plumber (General)RiverinaFar South CoastMurrayOranaSouthern Inland
334112Airconditioning and Mechanical Services PlumberRiverinaFar South CoastMurrayOranaSouthern InlandMid North Coast
334113DrainerFar South CoastOrana
334114GasfitterFar South CoastOranaSouthern Inland
334115Roof plumberFar South CoastOrana
341111Electrician (General)RiverinaFar South CoastMurrayOranaSouthern InlandMid North Coast
341112Electrician (Special Class)RiverinaMurrayOrana
342111Airconditioning and Refrigeration MechanicRiverinaFar South CoastMurrayOranaSouthern InlandMid North Coast
342211Electrical LinesworkerFar South CoastMurray
342311Business Machine MechanicFar South Coast
342313Electronic Equipment Trades WorkerFar South Coast
342314Electronic Instrument Trades Worker (General)Far South Coast
351111BakerRiverinaFar South CoastMurrayNorthern RiversOranaSouthern Inland
351112PastrycookRiverinaFar South CoastMurrayNorthern RiversOranaSouthern Inland
351211Butcher or Smallgoods MakerFar South CoastMurrayOrana
351311ChefRiverinaFar South CoastMurrayNorthern RiversOranaSouthern InlandCentral WestMid North Coast
351411CookRiverinaFar South CoastMurrayNorthern RiversOranaSouthern InlandMid North Coast
361112Horse TrainerFar South CoastOranaSouthern Inland
361114ZookeeperFar South Coast
361199Animal Attendants and Trainers necFar South CoastOrana
361311Veterinary NurseFar South CoastNorthern RiversOrana
362212ArboristFar South Coast
362411NurserypersonRiverinaNorthern RiversMid North Coast
391111HairdresserNorthern RiversSouthern Inland
393311UpholstererFar South Coast
394111CabinetmakerFar South CoastOranaSouthern Inland
394211Furniture FinisherOrana
394213Wood MachinistFar South CoastOrana
399512Camera Operator (Film, Television or Video)Northern Rivers
399514Make Up ArtistNorthern Rivers
399516Sound TechnicianNorthern Rivers
411111Ambulance OfficerOrana
411112Intensive Care Ambulance ParamedicOrana
411211Dental HygienistFar South CoastMurrayOranaSouthern Inland
411213Dental TechnicianFar South CoastMurrayOranaSouthern Inland
411214Dental TherapistFar South CoastMurrayOrana
411311Diversional TherapistFar South CoastNorthern Rivers
411411Enrolled NurseMurrayOranaSouthern Inland
411611Massage TherapistFar South Coast
411711Community WorkerOranaSouthern Inland
411712Disabilities Services OfficerRiverinaMurrayOranaSouthern InlandCentral West
411713Family Support WorkerFar South CoastOranaMid North Coast
411715Residential Care OfficerRiverinaMurrayOranaCentral West
411716Youth WorkerFar South CoastOrana
452313Horse Riding Coach or InstructorFar South CoastOrana
452314Snowsport InstructorSouthern Inland
511111Contract AdministratorMurray
511112Program or Project AdministratorRiverina


1)    Nomination

To get the nomination for NSW state nomination, your occupation should be present on the occupation list. To escalate the chances of your selection, you need to score high points on the Commonwealth Department of Immigration and Border protection Points system and must have adequate work experience in that field.

2)    Skill assessment

The candidates need to possess a positive skills assessment from the approved accessing authority.

3)    Proficient in English

English is the main source of communication in English speaking nations like Australia. The candidates who are applying under NSW state nomination have to go through the English language test. Passport holders of the countries like England, UK, USA, New Zealand, and the Republic of Ireland are immune from giving the exam but some occupations do require the high level of English.

4)    Expression of Interest (EOI)

You have to submit the expression of interest (EOI) and need to score at least 65 points on points calculator in order to be eligible.  You will be benefited with extra 5 points or 10 points in your overall score.

5)    NSW Invitation

After receiving the invitation to apply, you have to submit the nomination within the period of 14 days.  The number of invitations has been restricted to one per EOI. If you get an invitation but unable to take it then, you will have to submit a new expression of Interest (EOI) via Skills Select to reconsider for the further invitation.

6)    Curriculum Vitae

You have to submit your updated curriculum vitae covering your qualification, work experience etc.

7)    Processing time

The average processing time  is at least two weeks. The process may take longer time if the Immigration Authority of Australia wants to investigate or you need to submit some additional documents.

For availing more information about NSW Stream invitation,  get in touch with the experts by dialing official helpline +91-7042184185 or drop your queries on info@makevisas.com.

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