MLTSSL- Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List

MLTSSL is known as Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List. Mltssl Australia consists of 176 occupations. MLTSSL  consists of those occupations that are high in demand in Australia. If your occupation is present in the Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL) then you can easily apply for Australian Permanent Residency.

Criteria to chose an occupation from the MLTSSL – Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List :

To choose or nominate an occupation, individual needs to have good work experience and high skills in the occupation that is present in the MLTSSL list. Apart from the good skills and education, applicants must have good communication skills and should qualify all the eligible criteria of the visa program that you are applying for. You may apply for the Australia permanent residency if your occupation is present in the Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List.

MLTSSL – Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List  is eligible for applicants under:

  1. Skilled Independent Visa Subclass 189
  2. The Graduate Work stream of the Temporary Graduate Subclass 485
  3. Skilled Regional (Provisional) Visa – Subclass 489

Note- Department of Immigration and Border Protection have made a combined list having all the eligible skilled occupations from the MLTSSL list and the STSOL list.

The MLTSSL -Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List 2018 is given below:

Last Updated:  19th July 2018

ANZSCO CodeDescriptionAssessing AuthoritySkill Level
133111Construction Project ManagerVETASSESS1
133211  Engineering ManagerEA/AIM1
134111  Child Care Centre ManagerTRA1
134212  Nursing Clinical DirectorANMAC1
134213  Primary Health Organisation ManagerVETASSESS1
134214  Welfare Centre ManagerACWA1
221111  Accountant (General)CPAA/CA/IPA1
221112  Management AccountantCPAA/CA/IPA1
221113  Taxation AccountantCPAA/CA/IPA1
221213  External AuditorCPAA/CA/IPA1
221214  Internal AuditorVETASSESS1
224111  ActuaryVETASSESS1
224511  Land EconomistVETASSESS1
224512  ValuerVETASSESS1
224711  Management ConsultantVETASSESS1
232111  ArchitectAACA1
232112  Landscape ArchitectVETASSESS1
232212  SurveyorSSSI1
232213  CartographerVETASSESS1
232214  Other Spatial ScientistVETASSESS1
233111  Chemical EngineerEA1
233112  Materials EngineerEA1
233211  Civil EngineerEA1
233212  Geotechnical EngineerEA1
233213  Quantity SurveyorAIQS1
233214  Structural EngineerEA1
233215  Transport EngineerEA1
233311  Electrical EngineerEA1
233411  Electronics EngineerEA1
233511  Industrial EngineerEA1
233512  Mechanical EngineerEA1
233513  Production or Plant EngineerEA1
233911  Aeronautical EngineerEA1
233912  Agricultural EngineerEA1
233913  Biomedical EngineerEA1
233914  Engineering TechnologistEA1
233915  Environmental EngineerEA1
233916  Naval ArchitectEA1
234111  Agricultural ConsultantVETASSESS1
234112  Agricultural ScientistVETASSESS1
234113  ForesterVETASSESS1
234611  Medical Laboratory ScientistAIMS1
234711  VeterinarianAVBC1
234914  PhysicistACPSEM/VETASSESS1
241111  Early Childhood (Pre-primary School) TeacherAITSL1
241411  Secondary School TeacherAITSL1
241511  Special Needs TeacherAITSL1
241512  Teacher of the Hearing ImpairedAITSL1
241513  Teacher of the Sight ImpairedAITSL1
241599  Special Education Teachers necAITSL1
251211  Medical Diagnostic RadiographerASMIRT1
251212  Medical Radiation TherapistASMIRT1
251213  Nuclear Medicine TechnologistANZSNM1
251214  SonographerASMIRT1
251411  OptometristOCANZ1
251912  Orthotist or ProsthetistAOPA1
252111  ChiropractorCCEA1
252112  OsteopathAOAC1
252411  Occupational TherapistOTC1
252511  PhysiotherapistAPC1
252611  PodiatristANZPAC1
252711  AudiologistVETASSESS1
252712  Speech PathologistSPA1
253111  General PractitionerMedBA1
253311  Specialist Physician (General Medicine)MedBA1
253312  CardiologistMedBA1
253313  Clinical HaematologistMedBA1
253314  Medical OncologistMedBA1
253315  EndocrinologistMedBA1
253316  GastroenterologistMedBA1
253317  Intensive Care SpecialistMedBA1
253318  NeurologistMedBA1
253321  PaediatricianMedBA1
253322  Renal Medicine SpecialistMedBA1
253323  RheumatologistMedBA1
253324  Thoracic Medicine SpecialistMedBA1
253399  Specialist Physicians necMedBA1
253411  PsychiatristMedBA1
253511  Surgeon (General)MedBA1
253512  Cardiothoracic SurgeonMedBA1
253513  NeurosurgeonMedBA1
253514  Orthopaedic SurgeonMedBA1
253515  OtorhinolaryngologistMedBA1
253516  Paediatric SurgeonMedBA1
253517  Plastic and Reconstructive SurgeonMedBA1
253518  UrologistMedBA1
253521  Vascular SurgeonMedBA1
253911  DermatologistMedBA1
253912  Emergency Medicine SpecialistMedBA1
253913  Obstetrician and GynaecologistMedBA1
253914  OphthalmologistMedBA1
253915  PathologistMedBA1
253917  Diagnostic and Interventional RadiologistMedBA1
253918  Radiation OncologistMedBA1
253999  Medical Practitioners necMedBA1
254111  MidwifeANMAC1
254411  Nurse PractitionerANMAC1
254412  Registered Nurse (Aged Care)ANMAC1
254413  Registered Nurse (Child and Family Health)ANMAC1
254414  Registered Nurse (Community Health)ANMAC1
263311  Telecommunications EngineerEA1
263312  Telecommunications Network EngineerEA1
271111  BarristerSLAA1
271311  SolicitorSLAA1
272311  Clinical PsychologistAPS1
272312  Educational PsychologistAPS1
272313  Organisational PsychologistAPS1
272399  Psychologists necAPS1
272511  Social WorkerAASW1
312211  Civil Engineering DraftspersonEA/VETASSESS2
312212  Civil Engineering TechnicianVETASSESS2
312311  Electrical Engineering DraftspersonEA2
312312  Electrical Engineering TechnicianTRA2
313211  Radiocommunications TechnicianTRA2
313212  Telecommunications Field EngineerEA2
313213  Telecommunications Network PlannerEA2
313214  Telecommunications Technical Officer or TechnologistEA2
321111  Automotive ElectricianTRA3
321211  Motor Mechanic (General)TRA3
321212  Diesel Motor MechanicTRA3
321213  Motorcycle MechanicTRA3
321214  Small Engine MechanicTRA3
322211  Sheetmetal Trades WorkerTRA3
322311  Metal FabricatorTRA3
322312  Pressure WelderTRA3
322313  Welder (First Class)TRA3
323211  Fitter (General)TRA3
323212  Fitter and TurnerTRA3
323213  Fitter-WelderTRA3
323214  Metal Machinist (First Class)TRA3
323313  LocksmithTRA3
324111  PanelbeaterTRA3
331111  BricklayerTRA3
331112  StonemasonTRA3
331211  Carpenter and JoinerTRA3
331212  CarpenterTRA3
331213  JoinerTRA3
332211  Painting Trades WorkerTRA3
333111  GlazierTRA3
333211  Fibrous PlastererTRA3
333212  Solid PlastererTRA3
333411  Wall and Floor TilerTRA3
334111  Plumber (General)TRA3
334112  Airconditioning and Mechanical Services PlumberTRA3
334113  DrainerTRA3
334114  GasfitterTRA3
334115  Roof PlumberTRA3
341111  Electrician (General)TRA3
341112  Electrician (Special Class)TRA3
341113  Lift MechanicTRA3
342111  Airconditioning and Refrigeration MechanicTRA3
342212  Technical Cable JointerTRA3
342313  Electronic Equipment Trades WorkerTRA3
342314  Electronic Instrument Trades Worker (General)TRA3
342315  Electronic Instrument Trades Worker (Special Class)TRA3
351311  ChefTRA2
394111  CabinetmakerTRA3
399111  Boat Builder and RepairerTRA3
399112  ShipwrightTRA3

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