Entrepreneur Stream

The entrepreneur stream of Business Innovation and Investment Visa (subclass 188) under Australian immigration allows you to undertake an entrepreneurial activity in Australia.

  1. The Entrepreneur visa is a 4 year visa for people who have investor funding to develop an enterprise or business in Australia.

Business Innovation and Investment visa (subclass 188) has the entrepreneur stream for the people nominated by state or territory government. Candidates are allowed to develop business in Australia through investor fundings.

Condition of Entrepreneur stream:

  1. This stream of subclass 188 visa is for people who are nominated by state or territory government.
  2. You will have to spend at least two years in Australia under this entrepreneur visa.

Basic requirements:

To apply under Entrepreneur stream,the applicant must:

  1. Have required English.
  2. Be nominated by state or territory government.
  3. Be undertaking or proposing to undertake a complying entrepreneur activity in Australia and have a genuine intention to continue this activity.

Eligible funding:

To apply under entrepreneur stream, applicant should have an agreement for at least $ 200,000 in funding from one or more of the following sources:

  1. Commonwealth agencies
  2. State and territory governments
  3. Publicly funded research organizations
  4. Investors registered as Venture Capital Limited Partnerships or Early Stage Venture Capital Limited Partnerships.

This stream is for those individuals who are involved in a funding agreement from a third party for a minimum amount of AUD 200000 for entrepreneur activity leading to either the commercialization of a product or service or the development of a business in Australia. Applicants must be nominated by a state or territory government.

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