Australia Point System for Subclass 189/190/489

Australia Point System has been used in a view to allocate points, based on the different deciding factors, to ascertain whether an applicant is eligible for Australian visa application process. Australia point system for subclass 190/ 189/489 visa has different criteria for giving points as compared to other Australia visa subclasses. Before applying for the Australian immigration application, candidates need to pass an skill assessment test under which they are assigned some points based on factors like age, financial resources, IELTS score, educational qualifications, work experience, health requirements etc. Using Australia Point System become convenient, as it guide the applicant to determine how many points they have to earn points for several visa categories.

Eligibility Factors of Australia Point system for subclass 189/190/489 visa

  1. Age Requirements:
18-24 years25 points
25-32 years30 points
33-39 years25 points
40-44 years15 points
45-49 years0 points
  1. English Language Proficiency test (IELTS/TOEFL)
IELTS 6 / OET C 0 points
IELTS 7 / OET B10 points
IELTS 8 / OET A20 points
  1. Work experience
Minimum three years but less than five years (in past 10 years)5 points
Minimum five years but less than eight years (in past 10 years)10 points
Minimum eight and till ten years (in past 10 years)15 points

If you have an experience working in Australia itself then also you are subjected to earn points and gives you the advantage of earning extra points. The points for working in Australia are categorized below, please refer to them.

Minimum one year but less than three year (in past 10 years)5 points
Minimum three years but less than five years (in past 10 years)10 points
Minimum five years but less than eight years (in past 10 years)15 points
Minimum eight and till ten years (in past 10 years)20 points


  1. Educational Qualification
Doctorate from an Australian institution or other recognized university  20 points
Holding a bachelor degree, including a bachelor degree with honors or masters from Australian institution 15 points
Diploma or any certificate completed in Australia or any award from recognized institution 10 points

Apart from common educational qualifications, candidates may have to do some extra diploma or trade certification from an Australian institution and had to meet the study criteria.

  • Diploma or trade certification awarded by an Australian institution :      5 points
  1. Other factors

Credentialed community language qualification5 points
Study in regional or metropolitan area ( exclusive of distance education)5 points
Skill qualifications of partner5 points
Completed professional year for the time of at least one year in the four year5 points
  1. Nomination/Sponsorship
Nomination from state or territory government in subclass 190 visa only5 points
Nomination by any family member from Australia or from state/territory government (only 489 only)10 points

Once the applicant obtain a minimum of 65 points after the assessment, then he/she can proceed to submit Expression of Interest (EOI) to Australian government.

Links have been provided, to know more about the subclass 190 visa, 189 visa category  and 489 visa.

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