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  NOC 9421 – Chemical plant machine operators

To apply under NOC-9421 National Occupation Classification you must follow the roles and responsibilities of Chemical plant machine operators.

Required roles and responsibilities:-

Chemical plant machine operators perform some or all of the following duties:

  • Monitor meters, gauges and electronic instrumentation on one or more chemical or formulation units, such as mixers, kettles, blenders, dryers, tabletting, encapsulation, granulation and coating machines
  • Measure, weigh and load chemical ingredients following formulation cards
  • Start up, shut down, troubleshoot and clean equipment
  • Adjust processing machines and equipment
  • Monitor reaction processes and transfers of products in conformance with safety procedures
  • Take samples and perform routine chemical and physical tests of products
  • Record production data
  • May operate equipment from a control room or from control consoles located near the production units.

You can also see the required titles to apply as a Chemical plant machine operators

NOC 9421 – Chemical plant machine operators: example titles.

  • acetylene plant attendant
  • acid pumper – chemical processing
  • acidulation plant tender
  • asphalt coater – chemical processing
  • asphalt heater tender
  • asphalt plant dryer tender
  • asphalt roofing material mixer
  • asphalt roofing materials inspector
  • autoclave operator – chemical processing
  • backing-in machine tender
  • batch mixer – chemical processing
  • batch still operator
  • battery acid adjuster
  • battery paste maker
  • battery paste mixer
  • black powder grainer and glazier tender
  • black powder press tender
  • bleacher, oils
  • bleaching solution maker
  • blender – chemical processing
  • blender operator – chemical processing
  • blender, glues – chemical processing
  • cadmium liquor maker
  • calciner tender
  • capsule filler – chemical processing
  • capsule machine operator
  • capsule machine operator – chemical processing
  • carbon black pelletizer
  • carbon paste mixer operator
  • cellulose film caster – chemical processing
  • cellulose film dry-end tender
  • cellulose film rewinder
  • cellulose film wet-end tender
  • centrifugal separator tender – chemical processing
  • centrifuge tender – chemical processing
  • charcoal burner
  • chemical plant machine operator
  • chiller operator – chemical processing
  • chiller tender – chemical processing
  • cleaning compounds mixer
  • coating compounds mixer – chemical processing
  • coating machine operator – chemical processing
  • coating machine tender – chemical processing
  • coatings mixer – chemical processing
  • coke by-products pump operator – chemical processing
  • colour grinder tender – chemical processing
  • colour matcher – chemical processing
  • colour mixer, prints – chemical processing
  • colour weigher and mixer
  • composition mixer – chemical processing
  • compounder – chemical processing
  • cooker – chemical processing
  • cosmetics and perfume maker
  • crusher tender – chemical processing
  • crutcher operator – chemical processing
  • crystallizer tender – chemical processing
  • dehydrating press tender – chemical processing
  • detergent and powdered soap screener-perfumer
  • devulcanizer tender
  • digester operator – chemical processing
  • distiller operator – soda ash processing
  • distiller, wood distillation and charcoal
  • drug and toilet goods weigher
  • dry explosive mixer
  • dry ice maker
  • dryer operator – chemical processing
  • dryer tender – chemical processing
  • dryhouse attendant – chemical processing
  • dye maker
  • electrode oven operator
  • evaporator operator – chemical processing
  • explosive primers dryhouse attendant – chemical processing
  • explosive primers dryhouse tender – chemical processing
  • explosives mixer
  • explosives mixer tender
  • extractor operator, phenol
  • fertilizer mixer
  • fibreglass binder mixer
  • filter press tender – chemical processing
  • flaker tender – chemical processing
  • formulation blender operator, pesticides
  • formulations blender operator
  • formulations blender operator – chemical processing
  • furnace cooler
  • fuse maker – chemical processing
  • glue blender
  • graining press operator – chemical processing
  • granulator machine operator
  • granulator machine operator – chemical processing
  • grinder tender – chemical processing
  • hydrator operator
  • ink matcher
  • ink purifier
  • insecticide mixer
  • kettle operator – chemical processing
  • kettle tender – chemical processing
  • lacquer maker
  • latex coagulation operator
  • latex compounder
  • lead oxide maker – chemical processing
  • lead oxide mill tender – chemical processing
  • light-oil extractor operator
  • linoleum oil oxidizer
  • liquefied gas drum filler
  • liquid mixer, photographic chemicals
  • loading inspector – chemical processing
  • match head maker
  • mercury recoverer – chemical processing
  • mill roll tester – chemical processing
  • mill tender – chemical processing
  • mixer – chemical processing
  • mixer helper, wallpaper colours
  • mixer tender – chemical processing
  • mixer, paints – chemical processing
  • moulder – chemical processing
  • moulder and compressor, toiletries – chemical processing
  • neutralizer
  • nitrocellulose dryer tender
  • nitrocellulose finisher
  • nitrocellulose screener and weigher
  • nitroglycerine neutralizer
  • odorization technician – chemical processing
  • operator, chemical plant
  • operator, chemical processing machine
  • operator, mixer – chemical processing
  • operator, sulphonator – chemical processing
  • operator, tital liquor plant
  • operator, wash-house and recovery equipment – chemical processing
  • orthophosphate wet mix operator
  • packaging machine operator – chemical processing
  • paint maker
  • paint mixer
  • paradichlorobenzene equipment tender
  • perfume maker
  • pesticide mixer
  • phenol plant extractor operator
  • phosphoric acid extractor
  • plastics pelletizer
  • plodder operator
  • powder blender
  • precipitator operator – chemical processing
  • print colour mixer
  • pulverizer and sifter tender – chemical processing
  • pulverizing and sifting equipment tender – chemical processing
  • reagent mixer – cellulose film manufacturing
  • recausticizer
  • recovery equipment operator – chemical processing
  • recovery vat tender
  • ring furnace operator
  • ring furnace operator helper
  • saturating machine tender – chemical processing
  • saturator operator
  • scratcher tender
  • screener – chemical processing
  • sealant operator – chemical processing
  • separation press tender
  • settler-filterer – chemical processing
  • shredding machine tender – chemical processing
  • slabber
  • soap boiler
  • soap chipper
  • soap cutter and stamper
  • soap flake dryer operator
  • soap maker
  • soda dialyzer
  • soda solution maker
  • soda solution mixer
  • solution mixer – chemical processing
  • solvent recovery tender – chemical processing
  • spinneret pack preparer – chemical processing
  • splash line tender
  • spray dryer tender – chemical processing
  • still tender
  • sulphonator
  • tender, recausticizer
  • textile treatment solution mixer
  • tinter – chemical processing
  • toiletries moulder and compressor
  • tower operator – soap
  • tracer powder blender
  • varnish maker
  • vinyl and asbestos-blending machine tender
  • vinyl fabrics inspector
  • viscose filter operator
  • viscose maker
  • viscose solution mixer
  • washer and dryer – chemical processing
  • wash-house and recovery operator
  • wax bleacher
  • weigher – chemical processing
  • weigher and mixer, colorants – chemical processing
  • white lead mixer

Employment Requirements

  • Completion of secondary school is usually required.
  • Completion of several months to one year of informal, on-the-job training within the company is required for most mixer and blender operators.
  • Completion of more than one year of formal and informal company training may be required for some operators working in pharmaceutical, explosives and agricultural chemical or in specialty chemical plants.
  • Previous experience in chemical products processing as an assistant, labourer or helper may be required for some occupations in this unit group.
  • Certification in the transportation of dangerous goods (TDG), first aid, firefighting or workplace hazardous materials information system (WHMIS) may be required for some occupations in this unit group.

Additional Information

  • Mobility between employers producing similar products is possible for some of the more skilled operators in this unit group.
  • Progression to supervisory positions or to process control occupations is possible with experience.
  • Personal protective equipment may be required when working with some types of chemicals or pharmaceuticals.


  • Central control and process operators, petroleum, gas and chemical processing (9232)
  • Supervisors, petroleum, gas and chemical processing and utilities (9212)

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