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  NOC 9418 – Other metal products machine operators

To apply under NOC-9418 National Occupation Classification you must follow the roles and responsibilities of Other metal products machine operators.

Required roles and responsibilities:-

Other metal products machine operators perform some or all of the following duties:

  • Operate or tend automatic or multi-purpose machines including wire looms to produce metal parts and metal products such as wire screening, fencing, tinware, metal baskets, racks, hooks, metal tubing and similar articles
  • Fit and assemble components using hand and power tools
  • Clean, polish, file or otherwise finish products
  • Check products for quality and other specifications
  • May clean and lubricate machinery.

You can also see the required titles to apply as a Other metal products machine operators

NOC 9418 – Other metal products machine operators: example titles.

  • asbestos wire finisher
  • automatic bolt machine operator
  • automatic coil machine operator
  • automatic coiling machine operator – metal products manufacturing
  • axle cutter
  • barbed wire machine tender
  • beading machine operator – metal products manufacturing
  • bench loom wire weaver
  • bolt header operator
  • bolt machine operator
  • bolt maker
  • braider tender
  • braiding machine tender – wire products manufacturing
  • buckshot swage operator
  • bullet cutter and former
  • bullet maker
  • bullet shaper, machine – metal products manufacturing
  • bullet-shaping machine tender
  • bullet-swaging machine adjuster
  • bullet-swaging machine setter – metal products manufacturing
  • bunching machine operator
  • cable armourer
  • cable insulator
  • cable-braiding machine operator
  • cage maker – wire products manufacturing
  • can inspector – metal products manufacturing
  • can machine operator
  • can machine setter
  • can-forming machine operator
  • can-making machine operator
  • can-making machine setter
  • carbide press tender
  • cartridge primers drop tester
  • chain inspector
  • chain tester
  • chain tester, machine
  • chain-link fence machine operator
  • chain-making machine feeder
  • chain-making machine operator
  • chain-making machine tender
  • chain-testing machine tender
  • chamfering and boring machine operator – metal products manufacturing
  • chamfering machine tender
  • chandelier maker
  • coil machine operator
  • coil spring machine tender
  • coiler – metal products manufacturing
  • coiling machine operator – metal products manufacturing
  • coil-rewind machine tender
  • crimping machine feeder – wire products manufacturing
  • cutter and former, bullets – metal products manufacturing
  • cylinder roll fabricator
  • embossing machine tender – explosives manufacturing
  • finisher, asbestos-covered wires
  • fixture maker, plating equipment
  • foil rewinder
  • grid machine job setter
  • header machine operator – metal
  • hoop-making machine operator
  • hoop-punching and hoop-coiling machine operator – metal products manufacturing
  • hoop-riveting machine operator
  • hot-wound spring coiler
  • industrial knitting needle machine feeder
  • industrial needle machine setter-operator
  • industrial needle machine set-up operator
  • industrial needle maker
  • insulation machine operator
  • knife blade polisher
  • knurling machine feeder
  • link wire machine set-up operator
  • link wire machine tender
  • machine assembler, springs
  • machine chain maker
  • machine cutter, metal pipes
  • metal awning machine operator
  • metal blade sharpener operator
  • metal cable machine operator
  • metal cable maker
  • metal cable maker operator
  • metal cable stretcher and tester
  • metal floor lamp maker
  • metal nut former
  • metal nut maker
  • metal pin maker
  • metal pipe cutter machine operator
  • metal pipe cutter operator
  • metal polisher, automatic machine
  • metal products manufacturing machine operator
  • metal screened door and window maker
  • metal sponge machine tender
  • metal sponge maker
  • metal tack maker
  • metal-bonding equipment operator
  • metal-twisting machine tender
  • metalworking weaver – metal products manufacturing
  • miller, saw blades
  • nail maker
  • nail making machine set-up operator
  • nail making machine tender
  • NC (numerical control) riveting machine operator – metal products manufacturing
  • NC (numerically controlled) riveting machine operator – metal products manufacturing
  • nut and bolt machine tender
  • nut disk cutter
  • operator, insulation machine – metal products manufacturing
  • operator, spiral weaving machine – metal products manufacturing
  • pin maker – metal products
  • pocketed spring machine tender
  • polishing machine operator – metal products
  • reinforcing cage maker
  • reinforcing cage winding machine operator
  • rimfire cartridge-priming machine tender
  • rivet maker
  • rivet shaper
  • roll threader operator
  • safety pin machine set-up operator
  • saw knife miller
  • scarfer-borer – metal products manufacturing
  • scarfing and boring machine operator
  • scribing machine tender
  • scroll machine tender
  • serrating machine operator
  • serrating machine tender – metal products manufacturing
  • shaker-plate tender
  • shell-case chamfering machine tender
  • sizing and trimming machine adjuster – explosives manufacturing
  • slide fastener links machine tender
  • slide fastener links maker
  • spiral weaving machine operator
  • spool winder
  • spooler – metal products manufacturing
  • spring assembly machine operator
  • spring coiler
  • spring inspector
  • spring machine operator
  • spring machine set-up operator
  • spring tester
  • spring winder
  • spring-coiling machine operator
  • spring-making machine operator
  • spring-making machine set-up operator
  • spring-winding machine operator
  • staple machine set-up operator
  • steel wool machine operator
  • stranding machine operator
  • tack maker
  • tapping machine tender
  • tent frame machine operator
  • tin can inspector
  • tinware beader
  • trim machine adjuster
  • valve spring coiler
  • valve spring winder
  • weaver – metal products manufacturing
  • welding rod-extruder operator
  • welding rod-extruder tender
  • wire basket maker
  • wire bundle machine operator
  • wire cable assembler and tester
  • wire cable stretcher and tester
  • wire lampshade frame maker
  • wire lattice and wire mesh weaver
  • wire lattice weaver
  • wire loom operator
  • wire loom setter
  • wire loop machine operator
  • wire mesh fence-making machine operator
  • wire mesh gate assembler
  • wire mesh knitter
  • wire netting weaver
  • wire rewinder, machine
  • wire rope maker
  • wire rope sling and cable splicer
  • wire screen cutter and trimmer
  • wire screen former
  • wire screen maker
  • wire screen weaver
  • wire weaver
  • wire-coiner operator
  • wire-crimping machine operator
  • wire-netting machine operator
  • wire-pairing machine tender
  • wire-rewinding machine tender
  • wire-weaving loom setter
  • wireworks weaver – metal products manufacturing
  • zipper links machine tender
  • zipper links maker

Employment Requirements

  • Some secondary school education is usually required.
  • On-the-job training is provided.
  • Experience as a labourer in the same company may be required.

Additional Information

  • There is some mobility among machine operators in this unit group.
  • Progression to supervisory positions is possible with experience.


  • Machining tool operators (9417)
  • Metalworking and forging machine operators (9416)
  • Supervisors of machine operators in this unit group (in 9226 Supervisors, other mechanical and metal products manufacturing)

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