NOC 9416 – Metalworking and forging machine operators


  • acetylene torch operator – metal fabrication
  • air hammer operator – metal forging
  • aluminum sheet cutter – ductwork
  • aluminum sheet cutter – metal fabrication
  • aluminum sheet trimmer – ductwork
  • angle shear operator – metal fabrication
  • arc cutter – metal fabrication
  • automatic cut-off operator – metal fabrication
  • automatic cut-off saw operator – metal products manufacturing
  • bender set-up operator – metal products manufacturing
  • bending machine operator – metal forging
  • bending machine set-up operator – metal fabrication
  • bending machine tender – metal fabrication
  • bending machine tender – metal products manufacturing
  • bending press operator – metal fabrication
  • bending roll operator – metal fabrication
  • board drop hammer operator
  • board hammer operator – metal forging
  • brake setter – metalworking
  • buffing line setter
  • buffing machine set-up operator – metal fabrication
  • burning machine operator – metal fabrication
  • burning table operator – metal fabrication
  • cage builder – metal fabrication
  • CNC (computer numerically controlled) brake press operator
  • CNC (computer numerically controlled) brake press set-up operator
  • cold drawn operator – metal forging
  • cold press operator – metal forging
  • corrugation machine operator, sheet metal
  • corrugator sheet metal operator
  • disc flanging operator – metal fabrication
  • disk flange operator
  • disk flange operator – metal fabrication
  • drop forge hand
  • drop forge operator
  • drop forge operator – metal forging
  • drop forger
  • drop hammer forger
  • drop hammer operator – metal forging
  • dual action hammer operator – metal forging
  • duplicator punch operator – metal fabrication
  • electric arc cutter – metal products manufacturing
  • expanding machine operator – metal products manufacturing
  • flame cutting machine operator – metal fabrication
  • flame cutting tracer machine operator – metal fabrication
  • flame hardening machine setter
  • flying shear operator – metal fabrication
  • forge manipulator operator
  • forging air hammer operator
  • forging machine operator
  • forging machine setter
  • forging machine set-up man/woman
  • forging press operator
  • forging press tender
  • forging roll operator
  • forming machine operator – metal fabrication
  • forming press operator – metal fabrication
  • forming roll set-up operator – metal fabrication
  • forming roll tender – metal fabrication
  • group leader, forging machine operator
  • hammer driver – forging
  • hammer operator – metal forging
  • heater operator – metal forging
  • heavy forger
  • heavy-duty press set-up operator – metal fabrication
  • hoop bender
  • hoop-maker machine operator – metal fabrication
  • hot press operator – metal forging
  • hydraulic press operator – metal fabrication
  • impact hammer operator – metal forging
  • impression die press operator – metal fabrication
  • laser cutter – metal fabrication
  • lay-out marker – metal products manufacturing
  • lead fabricator
  • lead hand, forging machine operators
  • leaf spring inspector
  • leaf spring maker – metal fabrication
  • machine power saw operator
  • magnetic flame cutting machine operator – metal fabrication
  • manipulator operator – metal forging
  • mechanical press operator – metal products manufacturing
  • metal cut-off saw operator
  • metal fabricating machine operator
  • metal parts inspector
  • metal power saw operator
  • metal sawing machine operator
  • metal spinner
  • metal table saw operator
  • metal-forming machine set-up operator
  • metal-forming machine tender
  • metal-stamping press operator
  • metalworking machine operator
  • metalworking machine setter
  • metalworking machine set-up man/woman
  • metalworking machine set-up operator
  • multi-operation forming machine tender
  • multiple punch press operator – metal fabrication
  • musical instrument tube bender
  • nibbling machine operator – metal fabrication
  • ornamental metal worker – metal fabrication
  • pantograph burner – metal fabrication
  • pantograph flame cutter – metal fabrication
  • pipe-bending machine operator – metal fabrication
  • plate burner – metal fabrication
  • plate shear operator – metal fabrication
  • power brake operator – metal fabrication
  • power hammer operator – metal forging
  • power press operator
  • power press operator – metal fabrication
  • power press operator – metal products manufacturing
  • power press set-up operator – metal fabrication
  • power shear operator – metal fabrication
  • power shear tender – metal fabrication
  • press brake operator
  • press brake operator – metal products manufacturing
  • press tender – pierce and shave
  • punch and shear machine operator – metal fabrication
  • punch press operator
  • punch press operator – metal fabrication
  • punch press setter – metalworking
  • puncher and shearer – metal products manufacturing
  • restrike hammer operator – metal forging
  • ring mill operator – metal forging
  • rod-bending machine operator – metal fabrication
  • roll bender operator – metal products manufacturing
  • roll forger
  • roll operator – metal fabrication
  • roll-forming machine setter – metalworking
  • rolling machine operator – metal forging
  • rotary shear operator – metal fabrication
  • saw operator – metal fabrication
  • shear operator
  • shear operator – metal fabrication
  • shear setter – metal fabrication
  • shearer – metal working
  • sheet metal brake tender
  • sheet metal corrugator
  • sheet metal cutter – metal fabrication
  • sheet metal fabrication inspector
  • sheet metal roll operator – metal fabrication
  • sheet metal spinner – metal fabrication
  • sheet-metal-embossing machine operator
  • sheet-metal-working machine operator – metal products manufacturing
  • sheet-metal-working machine set-up operator
  • sheet-metal-working machine tender – metal fabrication
  • slide forming machine setter – metal fabrication
  • slide forming machine set-up operator
  • slide forming machine tender – metal fabrication
  • steam hammer operator – metal forging
  • steel shot machine operator
  • straight line press setter – metal fabrication
  • straightener hand – metal fabrication
  • straightening press operator – metal fabrication
  • strip-roll-forming machine operator – metal fabrication
  • strip-roll-forming machine tender – metal fabrication
  • threader – metal products manufacturing
  • trip hammer operator – metal forging
  • tube-bending machine operator – metal fabrication
  • tubular metal products fabricator
  • turret press operator
  • turret press set-up operator
  • turret punch press operator – metal fabrication
  • upsetter operator – metal forging
  • upsetting machine operator – metal forging
  • vehicle spring repairer – metal forging
  • vertical press operator
  • vertical press operator – metal fabrication
  • vertical roll operator – metal fabrication

Job Duties

Metalworking machine operators perform some or all of the following duties:

  • Read specifications or follow verbal instructions
  • Lay out, set up and operate one or more light or heavy metalworking machines such as shears, power presses, saws, plate rolls, drills, brakes, slitters, punch presses, computer numerically controlled (CNC) equipment, and other hand tools to cut, bend, roll, ream, punch and drill, weld or otherwise shape and form metal stock into parts or products
  • Operate machines or equipment which weld, solder, bolt, screw or rivet metal parts together
  • Check products for correct shapes, dimensions and other specifications
  • Troubleshoot and perform corrective action or minor repairs
  • May select and transport material to work area manually or using crane or hoist
  • May document work completed
  • May build staging or erect scaffolding as required for heavy metalworking jobs
  • May clean or lubricate equipment and replace parts as required.

Forging machine operators perform some or all of the following duties:

  • Operate gas or oil fired furnaces to heat metal to proper temperature prior to forging
  • Place metal pieces in furnace using hand tongs or overhead cranes and remove from furnace when colour of metal indicates proper forging temperature, or load and unload furnace with automatic conveyor
  • Position heated or cold metal pieces, on die of press or other forging machinery
  • Operate presses or other forging machines to perform hot or cold forging by flattening, straightening, twisting, forming, drawing, upsetting, splitting, cutting, punching, piercing, bending, coining, or other operations to shape or form metal
  • Position and adjust dies on anvil of forging machinery using overhead cranes or other hoisting devices and hand tools.

Employment Requirements

  • Completion of secondary school education may be required.
  • Previous experience as a labourer or helper in the same company may be required.
  • On-the-job training is usually provided.

Additional Information

  • There is little or no mobility between operators of light and heavy metalworking machines.
  • Progression to structural metal fabricator or supervisory positions is possible with experience for metalworking machine operators.
  • Progression to blacksmith, die setting, or supervisory positions is possible with experience for forging machine operators.


  • Sheet metal workers (7233)
  • Structural metal and platework fabricators and fitters (7235)
  • Supervisors of metalworking machine operators (in 9226 Supervisors, other mechanical and metal products manufacturing)

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