NOC 7531 – Railway yard and track maintenance workers


  • aligner-tamper operator – railway
  • anchor-applicator operator – railway
  • automatic anchor-applicator operator – railway
  • ballast regulator operator – railway
  • ballast-equalizer operator – railway
  • ballast-leveller operator – railway
  • car controller – railway
  • car retarder operator – railway yard
  • control tower operator – railway
  • coupler – railway yard
  • fitter tracks – railway
  • freight car distributor – railway yard
  • gandy dancer – railway
  • interlocking cabin switcher – railway yard
  • interlocking signal box switcher – railway yard
  • journal box greaser – railway yard
  • lag bolter operator – railway
  • locomotive attendant – railway yard
  • locomotive distributor – railway yard
  • locomotive engine servicer
  • locomotive maintenance attendant
  • locomotive servicer
  • machine operator – railway
  • maintenance of way employee – railway
  • maintenance of way inspector – railway
  • mechanical tamper operator – railway
  • motor vehicle operator – pole yard
  • rail grinder – railway
  • rail sander
  • rail saw operator
  • rail saw operator – railway
  • rail-aligner operator – railway
  • rail-grinder operator – railway
  • rail-lifter operator – railway
  • railway car controller – railway yard
  • railway car distributor
  • railway car greaser
  • railway car lubricating specialist
  • railway car lubricator
  • railway car oiler
  • railway equipment operator
  • railway line inspector
  • railway maintenance equipment operator
  • railway signalman/woman
  • railway tank car servicer
  • railway tie inspector
  • railway track inspector
  • railway track maintenance equipment operator
  • railway track maintenance worker
  • railway track patroller
  • railway track repairer
  • railway track tamper operator
  • railway trackman/woman
  • railway train engine maintenance worker
  • railway-tie-injector operator
  • retarder operator – railway yard
  • section worker – railway
  • signal tower operator – railway
  • signalman/woman – railway transport
  • snowblower operator – railway
  • spike machine operator – railway
  • spike puller machine operator – railway
  • spike-driver operator – railway
  • spiker operator – railway
  • spiking machine operator – railway
  • switch tender – railway yard
  • switcher – railway yard
  • switching station switcher – railway yard
  • switchman/woman – railway
  • tamper operator – railway
  • tamper-aligner operator – railway
  • tamping machine operator – railway
  • tank car controller – railway yard
  • tie axe unit operator – railway
  • tie crane operator – railway
  • tie plate jack operator – railway
  • tie saw operator – railway
  • tie shear operator – railway
  • tie tamper operator – railway
  • tie-bed-scarifier operator – railway
  • tie-cutter operator – railway
  • tie-cutting machine operator – railway
  • tie-end-remover operator – railway
  • tie-injector operator – railway
  • tie-placer operator – railway
  • tie-plate-placer operator – railway
  • tower operator – railway transport
  • towerman/woman – railway transport
  • track broom machine operator – railway
  • track dresser – railway
  • track fitter – railway
  • track layer – railway
  • track maintenance worker – railway
  • track repairman/woman – railway
  • track tamper – railway
  • track-liner operator – railway
  • track-maintenance-machine operator – railway
  • trackman/woman – railway yard
  • trackmobile operator – railway
  • track-surfacing machine operator – railway
  • trackwalker – railway
  • trainman/woman – railway yard
  • transfer table operator – railway yard
  • turntable operator – railway yard
  • yard coupler – railway
  • yard switchman/woman – railway transport
  • yard trainman/woman
  • yard worker – railway
  • yardman/woman – railway

Job Duties

Railway yard and track maintenance workers perform some or all of the following duties:

  • Operate control panel switches from railway yard tower to set traffic signals and to activate train switches that regulate railway traffic in railway yards
  • Operate car retarders, turntables and track switches to align locomotives and cars as required for coupling, uncoupling or servicing
  • Operate machines and equipment to lay, maintain and repair railway tracks, align tracks, transfer, spread, level and tamp ballast around ties and rails and to clear snow from tracks
  • Switch cars according to instructions which indicate the location, disposition and number of cars
  • Lubricate moving parts of railway cars and locomotives
  • Clean and make minor repairs to machines and equipment
  • Patrol assigned track sections to identify and report damaged or broken track
  • Perform other track maintenance duties as directed.

Employment Requirements

  • Some secondary school education is usually required.
  • Experience as a railway labourer is required.
  • On the job training is provided
  • Railway yard workers require a Canadian Rail Operating Rules certificate.

Additional Information

  • Progression to a position such as brakeman is possible with experience.


  • Contractors and supervisors, heavy equipment operator crews (7302)
  • Railway and motor transport labourers (7622)
  • Railway conductors and brakemen/women (7362)
  • Supervisors of railway yard and track maintenance workers (in 7304 Supervisors, railway transport operations)

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