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  NOC 7237 – Welders


  • acetylene welder
  • aircraft welder
  • apprentice welder
  • arc welder
  • arc welder – pipeline
  • arc welder, hand
  • assembler tack welder
  • auto body solderer
  • automated welding machine operator – flash butt process
  • automatic welding machine operator
  • aviation welding technician
  • battery lead burner
  • battery lead-burner operator
  • blowtorch operator
  • blowtorch welder
  • boiler welder
  • brazer
  • brazer and hammerer
  • brazer, furnace
  • brazer, gas
  • brazer, resistance
  • brazing machine operator
  • brazing machine setter
  • cable welder
  • combination welder
  • dielectric welder
  • downhand welder – pipeline
  • drilling platform welder
  • drilling rig welder
  • electric arc welder
  • electric arc welder, hand
  • electric spot welder
  • electric spot welder operator
  • electric spot-welding machine operator
  • fabrication welder
  • fit-up welder
  • flame-brazing machine operator
  • flame-brazing machine setter
  • flash butt welder
  • furnace brazer
  • furnace solderer
  • gas and arc welder
  • gas brazer
  • gas welder
  • gas-shielded arc welder
  • gas-shielded arc welding machine operator
  • general welder
  • hand arc welder
  • hand electric arc welder
  • hand resistance welder
  • heliarc welder
  • hot gas welder
  • hydrogen braze furnace man/woman
  • hydrogen braze furnace operator
  • induction brazer operator
  • induction brazer, production
  • induction solderer
  • industrial welder
  • iron brazer
  • jig welder-fitter
  • journeyman/woman welder
  • laser beam machine-welder operator
  • laser beam welder
  • laser beam welding machine operator
  • laser welding operator
  • lead burner
  • lead welder
  • machine operator – welding, brazing and soldering
  • machine type solderer
  • machine welder
  • maintenance welder
  • mesh-welding machine operator
  • metal brazier and heater
  • metal inert gas (MIG) welder
  • metal solderer
  • metal straightener and heater
  • metal welder
  • MIG (metal inert gas) welder
  • operator, laser beam machine welder
  • oxyacetylene torch welder
  • oxyacetylene welder
  • oxyhydrogen welder
  • pipeline welder
  • portable spot welder
  • precision welder
  • pressure vessel welder
  • production induction brazier
  • production line solderer
  • production line spot welder
  • production line welder
  • production spot welder
  • production welder
  • radio-frequency welder
  • resistance brazer
  • resistance seam welder
  • resistance welder
  • resistance welder tender
  • resistance welder, hand
  • resistance welder-setter
  • resistance welding machine setter
  • resistance welding set-up man/woman
  • rig welder
  • set-up man/woman, resistance welding
  • shielded-metal arc welder
  • side seaming tender
  • solderer
  • solderer, furnace
  • solderer, induction
  • solderer-dipper
  • soldering machine operator
  • spot resistance welder
  • spot welder
  • submerged arc welder
  • submerged arc welding machine operator
  • tack welder
  • thermite welder
  • TIG (tungsten inert gas) welder
  • tool and die welder
  • torch brazer
  • torch brazing machine setter
  • torch welder
  • tungsten inert gas (TIG) welder
  • type-soldering machine tender
  • vibration welder
  • welder
  • welder apprentice
  • welder operator
  • welder, aircraft
  • welder, arc
  • welder, combination
  • welder, drilling platform
  • welder, drilling rig
  • welder, gas
  • welder, gas and arc
  • welder, gas-shielded arc
  • welder, heliarc
  • welder, metal inert gas (MIG)
  • welder, MIG (metal inert gas)
  • welder, oxyacetylene
  • welder, oxyacetylene torch
  • welder, oxyhydrogen
  • welder, pipeline
  • welder, precision
  • welder, pressure vessels
  • welder, production line
  • welder, resistance
  • welder, shielded-metal arc
  • welder, spot
  • welder, submerged arc
  • welder, TIG (tungsten inert gas)
  • welder, tool and die
  • welder, tungsten inert gas (TIG)
  • welder-assembler
  • welder-fitter
  • welder-setter, resistance
  • welding lay-out man/woman
  • welding machine operator
  • welding machine operator, gas-shielded arc
  • welding machine operator, submerged arc
  • wire welder

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