NOC 7205 – Contractors and supervisors, other construction trades


  • asphalt roofers foreman/woman
  • asphalt roofing contractor
  • asphalt roofing foreman/woman
  • bicycle repair shop supervisor
  • boiler and pipe insulation specialists foreman/woman
  • boiler and pipe insulators foreman/woman
  • branch supervisor, pest control
  • brick and stone masons foreman/woman
  • brick masonry contractor
  • bricklayer foreman/woman
  • bricklayer supervisor
  • bricklayer-contractor
  • bricklaying and masonry contractor
  • bricklaying contractor
  • bridge painters foreman/woman
  • building insulation material installation foreman/woman
  • building insulation specialists foreman/woman
  • building insulators foreman/woman
  • building maintenance supervisor
  • camera repair shop supervisor
  • cement finisher foreman/woman
  • cement finishing contractor
  • cement smoother foreman/woman
  • concrete and cement finishers foreman/woman
  • concrete and cement finishing contractor
  • concrete finishers foreman/woman
  • concrete finishing foreman/woman
  • construction painters foreman/woman
  • construction painters supervisor
  • contractor, asphalt roofing
  • contractor, bricklaying
  • contractor, bricklaying and masonry
  • contractor, cement finishing
  • contractor, concrete and cement finishing
  • contractor, decorating
  • contractor, drywall application
  • contractor, drywalling
  • contractor, eavestrough installation
  • contractor, fencing
  • contractor, floor covering
  • contractor, glass installation and repair
  • contractor, glazing
  • contractor, hot water heater installation
  • contractor, insulating
  • contractor, insulation
  • contractor, interlocking paving stones
  • contractor, marble and terrazzo setting
  • contractor, painting
  • contractor, painting and wallpapering
  • contractor, paperhanging
  • contractor, plastering
  • contractor, plastering and drywall application
  • contractor, plastering and drywalling
  • contractor, roofing
  • contractor, roofing (except sheet metal roofs)
  • contractor, septic systems
  • contractor, shingle roofing
  • contractor, siding
  • contractor, stonemasonry
  • contractor, swimming pool installation
  • contractor, terrazzo finishing
  • contractor, tile, terrazzo and marble setting
  • contractor, tilesetting
  • contractor, wood shingle roofing
  • contractor-floor coverer
  • contractor-glazier
  • contractor-plasterer
  • contractor-polisher, terrazzo
  • contractor-roofer (except metal roofs)
  • customer service supervisor – housing construction
  • decorating contractor
  • decorating foreman/woman – construction
  • decorators foreman/woman
  • division supervisor, pest control
  • drywall application contractor
  • drywall applicators foreman/woman
  • drywall contractor
  • drywaller-contractor
  • eavestrough contractor
  • exterminating service supervisor
  • fence contractor
  • fibre glass insulation specialists foreman/woman
  • fibre insulators foreman/woman
  • fireproofing plastering foreman/woman
  • floor and wall covering installers foreman/woman
  • floor coverer-contractor
  • floor covering contractor
  • floor covering foreman/woman
  • floor covering supervisor
  • foam insulation foreman/woman
  • foam insulators foreman/woman
  • foreman/woman, asphalt roofers
  • foreman/woman, boiler and pipe insulation specialists
  • foreman/woman, boiler and pipe insulators
  • foreman/woman, brick and stone masons
  • foreman/woman, bricklayer
  • foreman/woman, bridge painters
  • foreman/woman, building insulation specialists
  • foreman/woman, building insulators
  • foreman/woman, cement finishers
  • foreman/woman, concrete and cement finishers
  • foreman/woman, concrete finishers
  • foreman/woman, construction painters
  • foreman/woman, decorators
  • foreman/woman, drywall applicators
  • foreman/woman, fibre glass insulation specialists
  • foreman/woman, fibre insulation
  • foreman/woman, fibre insulators
  • foreman/woman, fireproofing plasterers
  • foreman/woman, floor and wall covering installers
  • foreman/woman, floor covering
  • foreman/woman, foam insulators
  • foreman/woman, glass installators
  • foreman/woman, glass installers
  • foreman/woman, glaziers
  • foreman/woman, greenhouse installers
  • foreman/woman, hothouse installers
  • foreman/woman, insulation specialists
  • foreman/woman, insulators
  • foreman/woman, lathers
  • foreman/woman, marble setters
  • foreman/woman, painters – construction
  • foreman/woman, painters and decorators
  • foreman/woman, paperhangers
  • foreman/woman, plasterers
  • foreman/woman, refractory bricklayers
  • foreman/woman, refrigeration and air conditioning equipment insulators
  • foreman/woman, roofers
  • foreman/woman, roofers (except sheet metal roofs)
  • foreman/woman, stain glass installers
  • foreman/woman, stained glass glaziers
  • foreman/woman, stonemasons
  • foreman/woman, stucco plasterers
  • foreman/woman, terrazzo setters
  • foreman/woman, tilesetters
  • foreman/woman, waterproofers
  • foreman/woman, wood shingle roofers
  • glass installation and repair contractor
  • glass installation foreman/woman
  • glass installers foreman/woman
  • glazier supervisor
  • glazier-contractor
  • glazing contractor
  • glazing supervisor
  • greenhouse installers foreman/woman
  • hot water heater installation contractor
  • hothouse installers foreman/woman
  • insulating contractor
  • insulation contractor
  • insulation foreman/woman
  • insulation specialists foreman/woman
  • insulation supervisor
  • interlocking paving stone contractor
  • lathers foreman/woman
  • lathers supervisor
  • marble and terrazzo contractor-setter
  • marble and terrazzo setter-contractor
  • marble and terrazzo setting contractor
  • marble setters foreman/woman
  • marble setting foreman/woman
  • painter foreman/woman – construction
  • painters and decorators foreman/woman
  • painters and decorators supervisor
  • painting and wallpapering contractor
  • painting contractor
  • painting supervisor – construction
  • paperhangers foreman/woman
  • paperhanging contractor
  • paperhanging foreman/woman
  • pest control branch supervisor
  • pest control division supervisor
  • pest control supervisor
  • plasterer foreman/woman
  • plasterer-contractor
  • plastering and drywall application contractor
  • plastering and drywalling contractor
  • plastering contractor
  • plastering supervisor
  • pool and patio contractor
  • refractory bricklayer foreman/woman
  • refrigeration and air conditioning equipment insulators foreman/woman
  • roof shinglers supervisor
  • roofer-contractor (except metal roofs)
  • roofers (except sheet metal roofs) foreman/woman
  • roofers and shinglers supervisor
  • roofers foreman/woman
  • roofing contractor
  • roofing contractor (except sheet metal roofs)
  • roofing supervisor
  • septic system contractor
  • shingle roofing contractor
  • siding contractor
  • stain glass installers foreman/woman
  • stained glass glaziers foreman/woman
  • stonemason foreman/woman
  • stonemasonry contractor
  • stucco plasterers foreman/woman
  • superintendent, race track maintenance
  • supervisor bricklaying
  • supervisor cement finishing
  • supervisor, bicycle repair shop
  • supervisor, bricklayer
  • supervisor, building insulation
  • supervisor, camera repair shop
  • supervisor, construction painters
  • supervisor, drywall installers
  • supervisor, exterminating service
  • supervisor, floor covering
  • supervisor, glazier
  • supervisor, glazing
  • supervisor, latherers
  • supervisor, painters and decorators
  • supervisor, pest control
  • supervisor, plastering
  • supervisor, roof shingling
  • supervisor, roofers and shinglers
  • supervisor, roofing
  • supervisor, tilesetters
  • supervisor, tilesetting
  • swimming pool contractor
  • terrazzo finishing contractor
  • terrazzo polisher-contractor
  • terrazzo polishing contractor
  • terrazzo setters foreman/woman
  • tile and marble contractor
  • tile, terrazzo and marble setting contractor
  • tilesetters foreman/woman
  • tilesetters supervisor
  • tilesetting contractor
  • tilesetting supervisor
  • waterproofers foreman/woman
  • waterproofing foreman/woman
  • wood shingle roofers foreman/woman
  • wood shingle roofing contractor

Job Duties

Contractors and supervisors in this unit group perform some or all of the following duties:

  • Supervise, co-ordinate and schedule the activities of construction workers engaged in bricklaying, roofing, cement finishing, tilesetting, plastering, drywall installation, glazing, insulating and painting, and workers who install and service prefabricated products in residential and commercial properties, as well as workers who repair a wide variety of products, such as musical instruments, sports equipment, vending machines, bicycles and cameras
  • Establish methods to meet work schedules and co-ordinate work activities with other subcontractors
  • Resolve work problems and recommend measures to improve productivity and product quality
  • Requisition materials and supplies
  • Train workers in job duties, safety procedures and company policies
  • Recommend personnel actions such as hirings and promotions
  • Prepare work progress reports
  • May manage the operations of own company
  • May also supervise, co-ordinate and schedule the activities of related apprentices, helpers and labourers.

Employment Requirements

  • Completion of secondary school is usually required.
  • Several years of experience in the trade or in the work area supervised are usually required.
  • Journeyman/woman trade certification may be required for some occupations in this unit group.

Additional Information

  • There is little or no mobility among supervisors in this unit group.


  • Contractors and supervisors, carpentry trades (7204)
  • Contractors and supervisors, pipefitting trades (7203)
  • Electrical contractors and supervisors of electricians (in 7202 Contractors and supervisors, electrical trades and telecommunications occupations)
  • Ironwork contractors and supervisors of ironworkers (in 7201 Contractors and supervisors, machining, metal forming, shaping and erecting trades and related occupations)

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