NOC 5241 – Graphic designers and illustrators

  • 2D animation artist
  • 2D animator
  • 3D animation artist
  • 3D animator
  • advertising art director
  • advertising art supervisor
  • advertising artist
  • advertising designer
  • advertising illustrator
  • advertising layout designer
  • animated cartoon artist
  • animated cartoon artist – visual arts
  • animated cartoon colourist
  • animation artist
  • animation layout designer
  • animator – animated films
  • animator, graphic design and illustration
  • art layout designer
  • artist, storyboard
  • artistic illustrator
  • assistant animator – animated films
  • background artist
  • bank note designer
  • biological illustrator
  • business forms designer
  • calligrapher
  • calligraphic artist
  • caricaturist
  • cartoon film artist
  • cartoonist
  • cartoonist sketch
  • catalogue illustrator
  • cell animator
  • character animator
  • chief, advertising illustrator
  • colour artist – cartoons
  • colourist – cartoons
  • commercial artist
  • commercial design artist
  • commercial designer
  • communication designer
  • computer animator
  • computer graphics specialist
  • content director
  • content strategist
  • cover designer
  • cover page illustrator
  • cybergraphic designer
  • designer, form layouts
  • digital animator – artist
  • editorial cartoonist
  • electronic games designer
  • fashion illustrator
  • flash designer
  • form layout designer
  • forms designer
  • graphic artist
  • graphic arts room supervisor
  • graphic design and illustration animator
  • graphic designer
  • graphic designer – multimedia
  • graphic designer – multimedia, interactive or new media
  • graphic designer and layout artist
  • graphic designer, Web
  • illustrator
  • illustrator and graphic designer
  • interactive media designer
  • Internet graphic designer
  • layout artist
  • layout designer
  • layout designer, animation
  • litho artist
  • medical illustrator
  • multimedia design specialist
  • multimedia designer
  • multimedia illustrator
  • multimedia instructional designer and scriptor
  • multimedia products designer
  • multimedia products designer-ideaman/woman
  • new media graphics designer
  • newspaper illustrator
  • package designer
  • page designer
  • paper securities designer
  • pictographist
  • political caricaturist
  • political cartoonist
  • poster artist
  • registered graphic designer (RGD)
  • RGD (registered graphic designer)
  • scientific illustrator
  • sign designer
  • sports cartoonist
  • storyboard artist
  • supervisor, advertising art
  • supervisor, graphic arts room
  • title artist
  • user experience designer
  • wallpaper colourist
  • wallpaper designer
  • Web designer – graphic design
  • Web graphic designer
  • Web page designer

Job Duties

Graphic designers and illustrators perform some or all of the following duties:
Graphic designers

  • Consult with clients to establish the overall look, graphic elements and content of communications materials in order to meet their needs
  • Determine the medium best suited to produce the desired visual effect and the most appropriate vehicle for communication
  • Develop the graphic elements that meet the clients’ objectives
  • Prepare sketches, layouts and graphic elements of the subjects to be rendered using traditional tools, multimedia software and image processing, layout and design software
  • Estimate cost of materials and time to complete graphic design
  • Use existing photo and illustration banks and typography guides or hire an illustrator or photographer to produce images that meet clients’ communications needs
  • Establish guidelines for illustrators or photographers
  • Co-ordinate all aspects of production for print, audio-visual or electronic materials, such as Web sites, CDs and interactive terminals
  • Co-ordinate sub-contracting
  • Work in a multidisciplinary environment
  • Supervise other graphic designers or graphic arts technicians.


  • Consult with clients to determine the nature and content of illustrations in order to meet their communications needs
  • Develop and produce realistic or representational sketches and final illustrations, by hand or using computer-assisted design (CAD) software, for printed materials such as books, magazines, packaging, greeting cards and stationery
  • Assist in developing storyboards for electronic productions such as multimedia, interactive and digital products and television advertising and productions
  • Produce 2-D and 3-D animated drawings or computer illustrations
  • May adapt existing illustrations.

Illustrators may specialize in a particular field such as illustrations for children, advertising, editorials, humour, or medical, scientific or technical illustration, or multimedia design.

Employment Requirements

  • A university degree in visual arts with specialization in graphic design, commercial art, graphic communications or cartooning or Completion of a college diploma program in graphic arts is required.
  • Experience or training in multimedia design at a post-secondary, college or technical institution may be required.
  • In addition to the arts, training in biology, engineering, architecture or a scientific field is usually required for medical, technical and scientific illustrators.
  • Creative ability and artistic talent, as demonstrated by a portfolio of work, are required for graphic designers and illustrators.

Additional Information

  • Progression to management or senior design positions is possible with experience.
  • The title “registered graphic designer” is recognized by law in Ontario.


  • Advertising managers (in 0124 Advertising, marketing and public relations managers)
  • Graphic arts technicians (5223)
  • Interior designers and interior decorators (5242)
  • Painters, sculptors and other visual artists (5136)

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