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  NOC – 2244 – Aircraft instrument, electrical & avionics mechanics

To apply under NOC-2244 National Occupation Classification you must follow the roles and responsibilities of Aircraft instrument, electrical & avionics mechanics.

Required roles and responsibilities:-

Aircraft instrument, electrical & avionics mechanics perform some or all of the following duties:

  • Aircraft instrument mechanics and technicians repair and overhaul, install, calibrate and test aircraft instruments.
  • Aircraft electrical mechanics and technicians repair and overhaul, modify, install and test aircraft electrical systems and equipment.
  • Avionics mechanics and technicians troubleshoot, repair and overhaul, test, modify, install and inspect aircraft electronic systems and components including communications, navigation, and autoflight equipment.
  • Avionics inspectors inspect and test aircraft instrument, electrical and avionics systems and ensure that the installation, maintenance, repair and overhaul of these systems meet Transport Canada and company standards of performance and safety.

Aircraft mechanics and technicians who work in repair and overhaul shops service and test electrical, electronic and instrument components.

Avionics mechanics and technicians who work in maintenance hangars troubleshoot, repair, install and inspect aircraft systems and components.

You can also see the required titles to apply as a Aircraft instrument, electrical & avionics mechanics. 

NOC 2244 – Aircraft instrument, electrical & avionics mechanics: example titles.

  • aircraft avionics technician
  • aircraft electrical equipment inspector and tester
  • aircraft electrical mechanic
  • aircraft electrical system mechanic
  • aircraft electrical technician
  • aircraft electrician
  • aircraft electronic equipment inspector and tester
  • aircraft electronic equipment installer
  • aircraft electronic system mechanic
  • aircraft instrument inspector
  • aircraft instrument mechanic
  • aircraft instrument technician
  • aircraft maintenance engineer (AME) – avionics
  • AME (aircraft maintenance engineer) – avionics
  • apprentice avionics technician
  • aviation electrical components technician
  • aviation electronic components technician
  • aviation instrument technician
  • avionics and electronics calibration specialist
  • avionics inspector
  • avionics maintenance technician
  • avionics mechanic
  • avionics systems installer
  • avionics technician
  • certified avionics technician
  • communications equipment repairer – avionics
  • electrical and electronics technician – avionics
  • electrical inspector, aircraft
  • electrician, aircraft
  • electronic accessories repair and overhaul mechanic –
  • electronic components technician, aircraft
  • electronics inspector, aircraft
  • electronics inspector, missiles
  • electronics mechanic – avionics
  • electrotechnician – avionics
  • electrotechnician, aircrafts and missiles – avionics
  • electrotechnician, missiles – avionics
  • inspector and tester, aircraft electrical equipment
  • inspector and tester, aircraft electronic equipment
  • inspector, avionics
  • installer, aircraft electronic equipment
  • instrument inspector and tester – avionics
  • instrument inspector, aircraft
  • instrument mechanic – avionics
  • instrument overhaul and repair mechanic – avionics
  • instrument overhaul technician – avionics
  • instrument shop inspector – avionics
  • instrument technician, aircraft
  • instruments and accessories inspector – avionics
  • mechanic, aircraft electrical systems
  • mechanic, aircraft electronic systems
  • missile electronics inspector
  • precision instrument technician – avionics
  • radio and electronic overhaul and repair mechanic –
  • radio and radar equipment inspector – avionics
  • radio and radar equipment installer – avionics
  • radio communication equipment repairer – avionics
  • radio communication equipment repairman/woman –
  • rocket components mechanic – avionics
  • shop inspector – avionics
  • shop inspector, electrical accessories – avionics
  • technician, aircraft instruments

Employment Requirements

  • Aircraft instrument and avionics mechanics and technicians require completion of a two- to three-year college program in avionics or electronics.
  • Aircraft electrical mechanics and technicians require completion of a college program as an electrical or electronic technician.
  • Four years of on-the-job or company apprenticeship training is required for all mechanics and technicians in this unit group.
  • Avionics inspectors require completion of a two- to three-year college program in avionics or electronics and Three to five years of experience as an avionics mechanic or technician.
  • Avionics inspectors, mechanics and technicians who sign maintenance releases and certify airworthiness require an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer’s (AME) licence (category E – avionics) issued by Transport Canada.
  • Industry certification is available from the Canadian Council for Aviation & Aerospace (CCAA) for some occupations in this unit group.
  • In Quebec, membership in the regulatory body for professional technologists is required to use the title “Professional Technologist.”

Additional Information

  • Avionics inspectors, maintenance technicians and mechanics may acquire further endorsements to their AME licence allowing them to inspect and certify a broader range of aircraft and avionics systems.
  • An AME licence can be obtained by fulfilling the education and training requirements as stated above and passing Transport Canada AME examinations.
  • Progression to supervisory positions within specific areas of expertise is possible with experience.


  • Aircraft assemblers and aircraft assembly inspectors (9521)
  • Aircraft mechanics and maintenance engineers who maintain and inspect aircraft structures, mechanical, hydraulic or propulsion systems (in 7315 Aircraft mechanics and aircraft inspectors)
  • Airworthiness inspectors (in 2262 Engineering inspectors and regulatory officers)
  • Electrical mechanics (7333)
  • Industrial instrument technicians and mechanics (2243)

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