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NOC – 0513 Recreation, sports & fitness program

All examples – 0513 – Recreation, sports and fitness program and service directors


  • administrator in chief, leisure
  • administrator in chief, recreation
  • administrator, leisure
  • administrator, recreation
  • amateur sport manager
  • chief administrator, leisure
  • chief administrator, recreation
  • co-ordinator, sport program administrative
  • director general, sport federation
  • director of fitness administration – government
  • director of leisure
  • director of leisure and sports
  • director of recreation
  • director of recreation and sports
  • director of sports administration – government
  • director of sports and leisure
  • director of sports and recreation
  • director, entertainment, sports and leisure
  • director, entertainment, sports and recreation
  • director, fitness administration – government
  • director, fitness programs
  • director, horse racing
  • director, leisure
  • director, leisure and sports
  • director, leisure centre
  • director, leisure establishment
  • director, leisure programs
  • director, leisure service
  • director, physical education programs
  • director, physical training
  • director, racetrack
  • director, recreation
  • director, recreation and sports
  • director, recreation centre
  • director, recreation establishment
  • director, recreation programs
  • director, recreation service
  • director, sports
  • director, sports administration – government
  • director, sports and leisure
  • director, sports and recreation
  • director, sports association
  • director, sports federation
  • director, sports programs
  • director, sports-service sports programs
  • director, track and field
  • entertainment, sports and leisure director
  • entertainment, sports and recreation director
  • executive director, sport governing agency
  • executive director, sport governing body
  • fitness administration director – government
  • fitness centre manager
  • fitness club manager
  • fitness programs director
  • general director, sport federation
  • general director, YMCA (Young Men’s Christian
  • general manager, professional sport team
  • general manager, professional track and field team
  • general secretary, YMCA (Young Men’s Christian
  • head administrator, leisure
  • head administrator, recreation
  • health club manager
  • health studio manager
  • horse racing director
  • leisure administrator
  • leisure administrator in chief
  • leisure and sports director
  • leisure centre director
  • leisure centre sports director
  • leisure chief administrator
  • leisure director
  • leisure establishment director
  • leisure establishment managing supervisor
  • leisure head administrator
  • leisure manager
  • leisure programs director
  • leisure programs manager
  • leisure service director
  • leisure service manager
  • manager, fitness centre
  • manager, fitness club
  • manager, health club
  • manager, leisure
  • manager, leisure programs
  • manager, leisure service
  • manager, professional athletes team
  • manager, professional football team
  • manager, professional hockey team
  • manager, professional sport team
  • manager, professional track and field team
  • manager, recreation
  • manager, recreation programs
  • manager, recreation service
  • manager, team of professional athletes
  • managing supervisor, leisure establishment
  • managing supervisor, recreation establishment
  • municipal director of leisure
  • municipal director of recreation
  • municipal director, leisure
  • municipal director, recreation
  • municipal leisure director
  • municipal leisure manager
  • municipal manager of leisure
  • municipal manager of recreation
  • municipal manager, leisure
  • municipal manager, recreation
  • municipal recreation director
  • municipal recreation manager
  • physical education programs director
  • physical training director
  • professional athletes team manager
  • professional football team manager
  • professional hockey team manager
  • professional sport team general manager
  • professional sport team manager
  • professional track and field team general manager
  • professional track and field team manager
  • programs manager, leisure
  • programs manager, recreation
  • racetrack director
  • recreation administrator
  • recreation administrator in chief
  • recreation and sports director
  • recreation centre director
  • recreation centre sports director
  • recreation chief administrator
  • recreation director
  • recreation establishment director
  • recreation establishment managing supervisor
  • recreation head administrator
  • recreation manager
  • recreation programs director
  • recreation programs manager
  • recreation service director
  • recreation service manager
  • service manager, leisure
  • service manager, recreation
  • sport federation director general
  • sport federation general director
  • sport governing agency executive director
  • sport governing body executive director
  • sport program administrative co-ordinator
  • sports administration director – government
  • sports and leisure director
  • sports and recreation director
  • sports association director
  • sports director
  • sports director, leisure centre
  • sports director, recreation centre
  • sports federation director
  • sports program director
  • sports-service sports programs director
  • team manager, professional athletes
  • team manager, professional football
  • team manager, professional hockey
  • team manager, professional track and field
  • track and field director
  • YMCA (Young Men’s Christian Association) general
  • YMCA (Young Men’s Christian Association) general
  • YMCA (Young Men’s Christian Association) programs

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